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Our Favorite Gifts for You!

At Receptra we love the work we do to help you enjoy better health and wellness with our full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD offerings. We enjoy all of our products for slightly different reasons…

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Happier Halloween: Pet Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is supposed to be scary, but not for your pets. Humans have the option to enter haunted houses, play creepy music and jump out of dark corners. Your pets are definitely not going to enjoy…

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What Kind of CBD is That? Understanding Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate

CBD products are now enjoyed by people from all walks of life, across all demographics, and to address a wide range of personal interests. But what CBD products are best for YOU?. Wi…

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What Is CBG Good For?

What Is CBG Good For?You probably already know that natural plant compounds are generally good for you. Hemp-derived CBG is now gaining popularity, and you may be wondering “what is CBG good for?”What…

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​CBD vs CBG – What is the Difference?

CBD vs CBG – What is the Difference?Not all cannabinoids are created equal. In fact, each plant compound in the hemp plant has a slightly different chemical make-up, which means it responds differentl…

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