Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite Receptra products.

What is Pure Hemp hemp extract?

Receptra Naturals Pure Hemp hemp extract is an oil extracted from the flowers of hemp plants. Using a process similar to that used to make vanilla extract, the dried hemp flowers are washed with a food grade alcohol. Then the alcohol is evaporated, leaving only the extract from the hemp flower. This extract is very sticky and fragrant at this stage. We test our extract for everything from residual pesticides to heavy metals and more. Once it has passed these tests, we use the oil to create our products.

Which product is right for me?

Use this easy tool to help you decide which Receptra Naturals hemp extract product is right for you!

How do I take hemp extract oil?

There are several different methods of administration for hemp extract oil. Receptra is an oil-based tincture that is best taken sublingually, which means under the tongue. Holding the oil underneath the tongue for 30-45 seconds increases the bioavailability of the product.

How much hemp extract oil should I take?

Each of our bodies metabolize Receptra’s hemp extract products differently. For that reason, we suggest that adults take 1 full dropper sublingually (under your tongue) 2-3 times a day. It is common for people to start at the low end, and work their way up until they achieve the desired results.

Will Receptra help with my particular health concern?
Unfortunately, we are legally restricted from making any medical claims about our products. However, there are thousands of scientific and medical studies that explore the benefits of hemp extract. We encourage you to do some research and consult your physician if you are planning to take Receptra hemp extract oil to help address a specific concern.
Can I take hemp extract oil with my medication?

We cannot give medical advice, but we do recommend you consult your physician before adding anything new into your specific medication protocol or changing your medication dosage.

Is there an expiration date for my hemp extract products?
Receptra’s products are all natural, therefore there are no added preservatives. The expiration date for Receptra extracts is 18 months from production. Topicals can start to change color and lose effectiveness after 6 months.
What is Receptra’s Return Policy?
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may request a full refund within 30 days. We resolve nearly 100% of our customer’s issues within 48 hours. Please contact our customer service department at 303.223.1663 or email us at customersupport@receptranaturals.com.
Are hemp extract products affected by weather?
Pure hemp extracts
Bottles of Receptra oil extracts are unaffected by varying temperatures. We do not recommend leaving product in a hot car or on a porch in the snow, but once the bottle has returned to room temperature it should be fine and will not have lost efficacy.
Topical Products
Our natural skin care products are formulated with only the ingredients necessary to interact in the most beneficial way with your skin, naturally. This means we leave out other preservatives and additives that could compromise the benefits of the products. As a result, our natural products may soften or melt if exposed to warm temperatures. If your product is exposed to heat, don’t worry! It will still work just as well, and we can even help you get it back to its original consistency. Follow our hot weather guide here to restore your product Learn More
What is the difference between pure hemp extract and hemp seed oil?
Confusion often arises because these terms are so similar. Pure hemp extract typically refers to hemp extract oil. Hemp seed oil is a food and beauty product additive that can be purchased in many grocery stores. Hemp seed oil can be compared to oils such as avocado, almond and walnut. It is created by pressing hemp seeds together until the oil inside is excreted. Hemp seed oil has a lot of great uses in foods and beauty products but does not contain the cannabinoid profile nor properties found in hemp extract oil.
What are the recommended servings for Pet hemp extract?
● Less than 15 pounds = ¼ dropper Receptra Pet ● 15 to 30 pounds = ½ dropper Receptra Pet ● 30 to 45 pounds = ¾ dropper Receptra Pet ● 45 or more pounds = 1+ dropper Receptra Pet
If your pet weighs more than 45 pounds, start with one full dropper of Receptra Pet. Continue at this serving size for two to three days and monitor your pet’s reaction. Increase or decrease the amount of Receptra Pet to achieve desired results. This applies to all pets, not just dogs (though if you have a cat larger than 45 pounds, send us a photo. That sounds awesome!)
How should I store hemp extract products?
Room temperature is perfect for Receptra’s topical hemp extract products. All Receptra extracts are “shelf stable” meaning they do not require refrigeration. Keep a bottle in the bathroom, on your nightstand or in your day pack.
Does Receptra Naturals ship to all 50 US States and internationally?

Yes, Receptra ships to all 50 states and many countries. If you have any questions about shipping to a particular region, please contact the logistics gurus in the Receptra customer service department 303.223.1663 or email us at customersupport@receptranaturals.com

Can I place an order over the phone?
Yes, our customer service representatives are available M-F between 9am – 5pm MST to assist you with your order. You can reach our customer service department at 303.223.1663. You may also place your order anytime online. It’s usually faster and more efficient to place your order online using our secure encrypted website.
How long does it take for my Receptra Products to arrive?
This varies depending on the shipping option you choose. Generally, if you choose our standard shipping option, your products will arrive in 1-3 days.
I have questions about shipping/tracking or need to change the address on my Receptra Naturals order. What do I do?
We are happy to address all of your concerns regarding your order to ensure it gets to the right place. Please contact customer service at 303.223.1663 or email us at customersupport@receptranaturals.com.