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About Receptra


Receptra was founded in 2015 with a desire to deliver truth - CBD products that really work, products that are all-natural, plant-based, include organic ingredients, and a focus on quality and transparency. Our commitment to our customers is reflected in our product line. We take great pride in offering CBD products that are effective, safe, and backed by a commitment to quality and transparency. We believe in the power of CBD to help solve serious problems for people all over the world, and we're grateful to be able to offer our products to those who need them. Thank you for considering Receptra as your source for CBD. We hope you'll give us a try and see for yourself how our products can make a difference in your life.

That is our truth, and we believe the truth is curative. 

My name is Rusty Scott, and in the winter of 2015, I was walking my dog in a Colorado snowstorm when I slipped on ice, landed on my knee, and found myself in serious pain. Months later and still suffering, I was desperate for relief and wary of too-often prescribed pharmaceuticals. It was then that I turned to CBD in hopes of getting some serious relief.  I tried dozens of products, each making claims of being the “most effective,” and struggled to find any that lived up to their claims. Finally, I decided to create my own line of CBD products, crafted with care and attention to detail. From sourcing the highest quality ingredients to ensuring strict manufacturing processes, we guarantee that our CBD products will provide you with the relief you need. Try our products today and see for yourself!

Our goal is to provide therapeutically potent CBD products from organically grown Colorado Hemp that consistently work. Our founder's experience and frustration with the industry, along with the lack of quality products, led him to start Receptra Naturals. We refuse to make false claims or hyperbole - our product is truly good and made with truly good ingredients. You deserve a product that actually works, and that's what we're here to provide. Thank you for considering us!

“Truth drives us to be better people, it allows us to solve problems faster, to listen harder, and to create better products for you.”

Years later, Receptra has become a company of passionate, driven people whose goal is to provide CBD wellness products that can be trusted, products that deliver maximum plant wellness benefits and that actually work. The Receptra team is not a group of elite athletes, celebrities, or former tech entrepreneurs - this is a team of real people, like you, who believe in true wellness, in delivering products that contain the best ingredients and that really work to provide you with serious rest, relaxation and relief.

Receptra is a Premium agricultural products company that owns our supply chain.  What does that mean for our customers?

- Self-grown premium, hand-harvested hemp flower with robust cannabinoid and terpene profiles.  Less than 1% of industrial hemp in the marketplace would qualify for inclusion in our products.


- Extracted for maximum plant wellness benefits including high levels of full-spectrum cannabinoids and Beta-Caryophyllene.

- Formulations developed by a team of internal and external chemists and cosmetic specialists with advanced degrees and deep industry expertise.

- Proudly Botanical - Our products contain all-natural plant-based and organic ingredients.

Strength you can rely on

Our carefully-formulated CBD hemp extracts are made with the highest quality, hand-shucked hemp from our family-owned farm. The extract is then blended with all-natural and organic ingredients and botanicals to enhance the effectiveness of the product to help you bring your best self, depending on your needs.


Receptra products are now available in all 50 states, in thousands of retailers and online. We’ve been featured in Forbes, USA Today, LA Weekly and hundreds of other notable resources as a trusted source for CBD products and solutions. As we grow, we will never forget our origins. Truth drives us to be better people, it allows us to solve problems faster, to listen harder, and to create better products for you.


 You come to everyone else’s rescue. Now, let us come to yours.