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At Receptra, we honor the men and women who selflessly choose to serve our country!

Military Appreciation Program
Save 50% Forever


At Receptra, we honor the men and women who selflessly choose to serve our country. In appreciation of this service, we have created the Receptra™ Military Appreciation Program for all active and retired military personnel.


Through this program, service members receive 50% off all Receptra pure hemp CBD products, including topicals, tinctures, 0% THC products and pet products. Every Receptra product is included in the program – there are no exclusions to the Veterans Appreciation discount. This discount will never expire, since we believe that every service person who could experience a benefit from CBD has earned the right to have safe and affordable access to high-quality, consistent, efficacious hemp CBD products.


Receptra is committed to providing our military veterans with the highest quality hemp CBD products available on the market today. We understand that many of our veterans are dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia; conditions that can be effectively treated with CBD. It is our hope that through this program we can help improve the quality of life for those who have served our country.


Thank you for your service!

Apply for the Receptra veterans appreciation program by sending us one of the following proof of service documents:

Veteran Identification Card (VIC) - active duty, National Guard, Reserves, IRR, or retiree

Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC)

Veteran Choice Card

Military Dependent ID (DD Form 1173)

Veteran designation (identifying mark) on state-issued driver’s license or ID

Most recent "LES" (pay stub) for active duty