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CBD Oil Analysis - MMA Fighters Trust Receptra

CBD Oil Analysis - MMA Fighters Trust Receptra

Nov 07, 2023

Combat sports athletes are a special breed - Not just because of their harsh training regiments and propensity for getting punched in the face or choked. These martial artists have to perform to their highest potential under the most daunting circumstances: bright lights, screaming fans, blows to the head, nowhere to hide and weight requirements that can be more painful than the actual fight. Nutritional intake is crucial to keeping the bodies of these athletes functioning like well-oiled machines. For serious competitors, this means investing in a lifestyle that is calculated down to the micronutrient. For those who have taken advantage of the many benefits of CBD oil, having the honest information from a CBD oil analysis on their product can be very important for multiple reasons.


Micronutrients are vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. Although they are only needed in small amounts, micronutrients are essential for proper function of every system in the body and are crucial for optimal health. Our bodies cannot make all of the micronutrients necessary, so they have to be supplied in some other way.

Everything combat sports athletes consume is important, especially at fight time, but also for general maintenance. You are what you eat, and no one wants to be cupcakes, nor do they want to be pesticides or mold.

CBD Oil Analysis

There are hundreds of micronutrients and cannabinoids in full spectrum CBD oil. Each plays an important role in achieving peak health. Receptra Naturals understands how important it is for MMA fighters and other combat athletes to understand what is going into their bodies. That is why Receptra has made a commitment to providing full disclosure on everything inside of each bottle: good, bad or indifferent -- it's all there.

Receptra CBD oil is made of more than just the single CBD molecule. The addition of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural compounds are what make up the “entourage effect.” This is the concept that the compounds contained in premier hemp flower work together to enhance the beneficial properties of CBD. Isolate alone does not reach the efficacy of full spectrum CBD. These micronutrients include natural molecules and phytochemical compounds such as amino acids, trace minerals, flavonoids and more.

Every Sunny Day Makes a Difference

No two batches of CBD oil will ever be exactly the same. This is primarily because no two plants are exactly the same. Receptra's full spectrum CBD oil is derived from Colorado certified hemp. Though each crop may generate very similar profiles, a few more sunny days here and there, a light rain or breeze can change the growing conditions just enough for each plant to be unique. Receptra understands that the nutrients you intake can generate small changes, so we figured you would want to know about each ingredient in our CBD products.

Interactive Certificate of Analysis

Each bottle of Receptra CBD oil has a green sticker with a number on the sticker. This number indicates the exact batch from which the oil came. Receptra's interactive certificate allows consumers to see the makeup and consistency of each product. Some of the compounds listed on the certificate are commonly found cannabinoids. These are the cannabinoids that are most active in full spectrum CBD oil.

  • CBD
  • CBD-A
  • THC
  • THC-A
  • CBG
  • CBN

For many fighters, THC content is a concern depending on the testing threshold policy in the state where they are competing. Under the regulations established in the 2013 U.S. Farm Bill, hemp crops cannot surpass a maximum of 0.3% THC or the crop must be destroyed. In the state of Colorado, where Receptra hemp grown on family-owned farms, the Department of Agriculture has an entire program specifically dedicated to the regulation of hemp production. Receptra Naturals takes this very seriously and supplies consumers with information on exactly how much THC is in each bottle.

The Stuff No One Talks About

With nothing to hide, Receptra's CBD oil analysis also provides details on residual solvents, yeast, coliforms, molds and heavy metals. On top of that, the company wants you to understand normal levels of these compounds and their effects. It is important to be confident that what you are putting in your body is free of toxins and will not negatively impact athletic performance for those who have to be on point.

Athletic performance can absolutely be affected by incorrect supplementation.

“If I put the wrong things in my body I'll pop with USADA. Receptra always keeps it 100 with me and makes it easy to know the contents of the products I'm taking, so there's no risk. If I don't pop, I can't be stopped!”- Kajan Johnson, Professional MMA Fighter (UFC).

The additional ingredients in Receptra Naturals CBD oils are designed to naturally compliment the cannabinoids and their desired effects. Certain carrier oils interact with natural receptors in the body to increase bioavailability. These details are listed both on the bottle and on online product descriptions.

Trust, Transparency, and Efficacy

All health-conscious individuals understand how important it is to know what you are putting in your body. For those who depend on the body's functionality to make a living, it is imperative. Receptra doesn't expect high-level athletes to trust just anyone.

“There are a lot of CBD companies out there now. I've tried several of them. Receptra is the one I am most confident in because I know exactly what I'm getting. That's important in what I do. You can't take chances when you are at a certain competitive level. I trust Receptra.” -Daniel “Big Kansas” Gallemore, Professional MMA Fighter (PFL).