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​CBD vs CBG – What is the Difference?

CBD vs CBG – What is the Difference?Not all cannabinoids are created equal. In fact, each plant compound in the hemp plant has a slightly different chemical make-up, which means it responds differentl…

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What Is CBG Good For?

What Is CBG Good For?You probably already know that natural plant compounds are generally good for you. Hemp-derived CBG is now gaining popularity, and you may be wondering “what is CBG good for?”What…

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Award Winning Receptra CBD Reviews 2022 - Serious Relief

We could all use some relief these days. Thankfully Receptra Serious Relief comes in many forms and each of our offerings is receiving accolades and winning awards across the web. Check out these rece…

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Hemp Sustainability: Why Hemp is So Awesome

Hemp is one of the most useful, sustainable and environmentally-friendly plants on the planet. This is why hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years across numerous continents. One of the olde…

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What's the Big Deal About Colorado Hemp?

Colorado has been at the forefront of the cannabis revolution since before legalization, and that statement is not limited to marijuana. Hemp production was also illegal until provisions in the 2014…

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