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Our Favorite Gifts for You!

Our Favorite Gifts for You!

Posted by Receptra on Nov 25, 2022

At Receptra we love the work we do to help you enjoy better health and wellness with our full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD offerings.

We enjoy all of our products for slightly different reasons. The range of cannabinoids offered in Receptra's ingestibles and topicals have similar beneficial effects for Relaxation, Relief, and Rest. Did you know Receptra is cGMP certified? That stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practice, a comprehensive term including regulations enforced by the FDA. We're proud of the wellness products we provide to you with confidence. 

When trying something new the best way to find what's right for you is to ask someone who knows, and look out for recommendations from folks who've tried it all. 

Enter the Receptra crew! We've tried and tested and tested again our most popular and newest products, and we love to share a good recommendation with our friends and family. 

Take it from us, if you're looking for a new favorite or want to give the gift of CBD to someone you care about we've got you covered. 


Everyone at Receptra's uses our award winning Targeted Topical + Arnica! Making it a clear winner with the team.

I love the Serious Relief Targeted Topical as it is our family favorite for discomfort, calming, moisturizing, bites, burns, & acne. We even use it on the bottom of our feet before or after a long day. My husband has terrible aches in his arm and shoulder and the Targeted Topical is his daily magical cream. My daughter gets occasional cramps and the Targeted Topical again comes to the rescue. It's also her go to for minor cuts or bruises. 

- Maureen, Client Relations Manager

My favorite is the Targeted Topical with Arnica, it works wonders on all my aches and pains. I always use it on my knees before I hike.

- Marcy, Office Manager

Targeted Topical helped my back when my shoulder was out of place.

- Ryan, Account Manager

I always recommend Serious Relief Targeted Topical, it has a quick onset of action and can be used for many indications.

- Scott, Chief Executive Officer

Last year during the holidays, I fell moving furniture for the Christmas tree. My face broke my fall on a piece of furniture. I was bloody and in so much pain, but very lucky not to have lost any teeth or broken my nose. I applied our Serious Relief Targeted Topical stick to my nose, lips and around my mouth several times a day. I was amazed! The pain relief was immediate (but came back after about an hour, thus the 'several times a day'.) The bloody bruises and burns never scared. My face could have been a mess for weeks. The stick application was perfect. I was applying the Relief Targeted Topical several times a day, so It was nice not have to wipe my hands while working.

- Mary, Director of Therapeutic Sales

Give the Gift of Relief!

We Recommend: The Rise + Shine Bundle with our favorite Targeted Topical Stick and Tasty Relief Gummies. A soothing scented candle rounds out this perfect gift. 

We asked the team what they would give as a gift: Topicals and Gummies are clear winners. 

If a person is new to CBD then I suggest they start with a topical. If they are familiar with CBD then I suggest our ingestible oils, gummies, or capsules.

- Maureen, Client Relations Manager

Topical to family. My daughter is very active in Yoga, hiking, crossfit and more.....she uses the topical. My Aunt loves the relax gummies, she is sleeping better than she has in years.

- Marcy, Office Manager 

Broad Spectrum Targeted Topical to my mother. She is still in the Air Force Reserves and needs to avoid THC.

 - Ryan, Account Manager

The Gift of Rest, Relief, and Relaxation:

I'd give the gift of Targeted Topical to parents for hip, knee and back pain.

- Robert, Chief Financial Officer

Relax tincture. A good friend has been having gum issues and this product helped her bleeding gums.

- Sharron, Customer Relations Manager

I'd give topicals, Relief 66 or 33mg and Rest. Topical to my mother who works as a nurse and is on her feet all day. I'd give the Rest to my friend in finance since he seems to never be able to sleep. The Relief tincture I'd give to my uncle who owns and operates a Domino's. He has aches from tossing pizzas over the decades that R66 greatly reduces.

- Alex, Production Supervisor

I'd give the gift of Serious Relief Body Butter for everyone in the dry season. It's healing and nourishing.

 - Krista, Director of Operations

Give the Gift of Beauty:

Receptra's NEW Beauty Bundle offers nourishment for your mind and body. 

Everyone's Favorite For Better Sleep: SERIOUS REST + CBN GUMMIES

I recommended these to my sister and she really enjoys the Serious Rest Gummies.

- Maureen, Client Relations Manager

I'd gift Rest gummies for my brother!

- Sharron, Customer Relations Manager

Serious Rest 25mg + CBN Gummies, the gift of a restful night sleep is precious in more ways than one.

- Mary, Director of Therapeutic Sales

I'd give the gift of Rest Gummies, seems sleep is an issue with my circle. My friend, since his stroke he has had issues with a full night's sleep. The Rest will help him rest soundly.

- Scott, Chief Executive Officer

Give the Gift of Gummies!

Give the Gift of Gummies with these tasty trio to Rest, Relax, and get Relief!

More Favorites:

I love Receptra's Serious Relax Body Oil. I put it on my face, arms, and legs for overall smoother skin. Also, it helps my knees not hurt after hiking or anything physical.

- Sharron, Customer Relations Manager

My top pick is Serious Relief Full Spectrum 66mg dose. I enjoy the flavor and there's nothing like it for everyday aches and pains.

- Alex, Production Supervisor

My favorite for daily use are the Serious Relief + Turmeric Gummies. I like the flavor and strength and the added bonus of Turmeric. They seem healthier than most gummies I've tried. I love that they have so many cannabinoids and beneficial ingredients.

- Krista, Director of Operations

New and Noteworthy

Finally, we're falling in love with the newest product in the Receptra line up:  Serious Relax Gummies. Starting now through the end of the year and while supplies last, we're giving you Free Relax Gummies to try with your order over $200. (no code necessary.) 

Give the Gift of Relaxation with Receptra Relaxing Body Oil, Tincture, and Relax Gummies in our NEW Unwind Set

Thanks so much for checking out our recommendations! We hope you found something to help you along your health and wellness journey and to share the love with your friends and family too.