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You’ve seen it in your social media feed, your friends are all talking about it. Does CBD for Pain really work? Here is what you need to know.


Relief can come soon for the millions of adults in the United States suffering from pain. According to the Journal of Pain, pain affects more than 50 million adults in the United States. If you are struggling with pain, it is important to know that you are not alone and there are treatment options available.


Numerous studies and polls over the past year indicate using CBD for pain is one of the top reasons consumers are purchasing CBD products. These include Gallup poll, Harris poll, Single Care, Brightfield Group, and others. Here are some of the facts surrounding how CBD for pain actually works



Learn About Relief

Receptra Naturals provides CBD products that aim to provide relief and relaxation for their consumers. Receptra's transparency allows for easy and clear product labels so that you can easily understand what you're taking. They use all-natural solutions in their products to give you the confidence that you need to take on whatever life throws your way. Their CBD products are designed to help with serious relaxation, rest, and pain relief. With a mission to provide natural solutions, Receptra Naturals is a company you can trust.