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Gift of Gummies Bundle

MSRP: $150.99
(You save $0.99 )

Give the Gift of Gummies Bundle with 30 days of Serious Relief CBD Gummies for pain, 30 days of Serious Rest CBD Gummies for Sleep, and 30 days of Serious Relax Gummies for Stress relief at a special bundled price.

CBD Gummies for Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a huge problem nationally. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 35% of adults don’t get enough sleep (7 hours per day). If your sleep schedule is off, it could play a huge part in your productivity and overall health. Not to mention, if you are tired you are going to revert back to your old habits.

Receptra Mountain Berry CBD Gummies for Sleep + CBN are a delicious and simple way to keep your sleep schedule on track so you can be the best version of yourself.

CBD Gummies for Pain

Little discomforts can have a big impact on your day. Aches and pains limit mobility and dampen your mood. It is hard to focus on achieving all of your good intentions when you are in pain. Inflammation and irritation are huge factors in boosting productivity and mood. It is hard to build healthy habits when you hurt.

Receptra Ginger Peach CBD gummies for pain have the added benefits of turmeric, ginger, and beta-caryophyllene to help keep you comfortable and moving forward.

NEW: Gummies for Stress

Receptra Seriously Relax 25 CBD Gummies for Stress are formulated to provide accessible stress relief for day to day stresses. Research show that 25mg of CBD is an optimal amount for most people to experience a calmer mindset. CBD interacts with the body’s natural receptors to promote a balanced mind and body.

Receptra’s Cherry Lime CBD Gummies for Stress contains the benefit of an added 3mg of CBG in each gummy to help you stay cool calm and collected.

Try all three of Receptra's Gummies with a great deal on this gift!