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Five Simple, Yet Epic Valentines Day Ideas

Five Simple, Yet Epic Valentines Day Ideas

Dec 15, 2021

Valentine's Day is honestly pretty tough to mess up. Flowers, candies and cards are always very safe bets and meet the minimum standards of celebration. But is standard really the goal? Step it up this year with creative Valentine's Day ideas that even you can pull off!

1. Succulents over Cut Flowers

That bouquet of roses that you were planning to pick up last minute at the grocery store is not a horrible idea, but you can do better. Cut flowers only last so long, but live plants can go on and on (like the Titanic theme song which is similarly romantic). Succulents are a great option because you have to really really neglect them in order for them to die.

Purchase succulents or other easy to grow plants already in a fun planter for your honey's office. Or make it into a bonding experience. Choose a few fun plants that you can pot together. Consider adding a little cupid or heart figurine to make the gift extra festive!

2. Make a Meal Together

You know that anywhere with cloth napkins on Valentine's Day is going to be expensive and crowded. What says "I love you" more than “let's make dinner together?” Put on some fun music or a romantic comedy, pour a glass of wine and tie on those heart-spangled aprons!

If you are a clutz in the kitchen, have no fear. There are some ways you can still be useful with simple recipes that show you care. Check out this great recipe for baked salmon with garlic avocado lime aioli, which is both easy and delicious.

3. Get out in the Open Air

Fresh air and sunlight are important factors in achieving and maintaining happiness, so why not get out there and have an adventure. Weather permitting, a bike ride or a fun hike are great Valentine's Day ideas and can help increase the bond between you and your loved one. Make your adventure even more festive by tying a heart-shaped balloon to your bikes or backpacks!

4. Heartfelt CBD Hot Chocolate

According to a 2014 study conducted by the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, eating something sweet can lead to heightened feelings of romance. When CBD and chocolate are paired together the synergy creates a feeling of bliss unlike any other. Surprise your sweetheart with Receptra CBD and Nathan Miller Hot Chocolate this Valentine's Day and simplify your celebration.

5. Phone-less Date Night

In a world propelled by social media, make a commitment to turn off your phones for the whole evening. Imagine how much more intimate your experience will be if you are mindful of each other and all that surrounds you. It is time to disconnect with the virtual world and re-connect with each other.

The idea of attentiveness may seem like a small gesture, but it could make a big difference. If you really want to come off as truly considerate, pair this concept with one of the other Valentine's Day ideas listed above or incorporate as an add on to those more "standard" celebrations.

Great Valentine's Day Ideas Center Around Happiness

Sometimes it is difficult to find time to take a break and really appreciate the person you are with. These happy moments you spend together are what relationships are founded upon. The focus of February 14th should be about making a real connection without the pressures of your regular day.

The mood-boosing properties of Receptra CBD may help keep that feeling of happiness lasting a little longer and occurring more consistently with or without the holiday. Happy Valentine's Day from the Receptra team!