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Topical CBD for Yoga 

Topical CBD for Yoga 

Jan 02, 2022

CBD for yoga may help you achieve even greater results by helping you stay motivated and on your mat.

For thousands of years, hardcore yoga practitioners have been touting yoga’s mental and physical powers. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert to reap the benefits. Not all of us were meant for inversion poses or even standing on one leg for that matter! Some studies show that practicing yoga as little as 30 minutes a week can have noticeable benefits.

How Does CBD Work for Yoga?

It would sure be nice to be able to do all of those crazy poses that your instructor makes look so easy. Part of what is holding you back may be inflammation. The build-up of inflammation in joints and muscles has the tendency to make the body feel tight and limit mobility, making side bends and binds and even downward dog a little more difficult.

CBD was patented by the U.S. government as an antioxidant over 20 years ago. Antioxidants have the ability to nullify inflammation-inducing free radicals. Less inflammation means more flexibility. More flexibility means a more fulfilling and comfortable yoga practice whether you are doing online yoga classes or in person classes.

Flexibility isn’t only useful for yoga poses, but transfers to all areas of life. Walking up or down stairs, bending down to pick up a pencil, carrying groceries or playing catch with a child all require some level of flexibility. People who make a conscious effort to be more flexible are also less likely to incur movement-based injuries. Topical CBD for yoga could mean better, deeper, and more rewarding yoga poses, which means better mobility through your day.

Topical CBD 101

Everyone has a natural endocannabinoid system (including you) that serves the purpose of restoring and maintaining balance (homeostasis) through all systems in the body. When this balance is off, the body may need a little external help to get back on track.

CBD oil interacts with cannabinoid receptors all over the body to target areas that are out of balance. Receptors are scattered strategically throughout the body, including in the skin which is the largest organ in the body. These receptors sit directly under the skin and have the ability to absorb CBD and other cannabinoids when applied topically.

Topical CBD for Yoga

How is Receptra’s Targeted Topical Different?

Receptra’s Targeted Topical formula was rated #1 CBD Topical of 2020 by The CBD Insider. It is also one of our best-selling products. This all-natural CBD hemp topical contains arnica and jojoba to help minimize swelling and inflammation. Camphor has also been added to the formulation to increase absorption so that it can actually reach those endocannabinoid receptors under the skin.

This topical CBD is naturally scented with soothing jasmine, ylang-ylang to promote calmness and vitamin E for overall skin health.

How to Combine CBD and Yoga

CBD is non-addictive and has no harmful side effects, even in high amounts according to the World Health Organization. Applying Receptra CBD before yoga can help reduce discomfort and allow you to focus on your breathing and remain more mindful. Applying CBD for yoga afterword can help you stay limber and comfortable throughout the day.

Receptra now has limited edition Targeted Topical CBD for Yoga in yoga-inspired packaging. It includes the same great Serious Relief topical formula that many have come to depend on for natural pain relief and to keep them moving through their active days.