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The Receptra Pet Family

The Receptra Pet Family

May 07, 2020

We are excited for you to meet our Receptra Pet Family!

Our four-legged, furry and feathered family members play a large role in our motivation as a company. With optimal wellness at the forefront of our ethos, we strive to include all our loved ones and that includes our pets.

Receptra has always maintained a pet-friendly working environment and in celebration of National Pet CBD Month, we would like to take a moment to show off some of our non-human counterparts. Plus, who doesn't love photos of cute animals?

Receptra Naturals Pet Family


At 140 pounds, Luna is surprisingly afraid of everything. She belongs to Receptra Chief Marketing Officer, Shane Vaughan. She's four years old and takes Receptra Pet daily to help with her joint pain, which is inevitable for such a big girl. As you can tell, she likes to have a good time.


Biggie might be the cutest thing ever. He is a 5-month-old golden doodle that belongs to Recepta Digital Marketing Manager, Gaby Reyes. So far, he has only needed to take Receptra Pet a handful of times and mostly for grooming and to calm him down. "He is a stick connoisseur and brings at least one inside every time he goes outside," said Gaby.


Baby the rat goes back and forth from Kansas to Colorado where she stays with Receptra Content and Compliance Manager, Bryanna Fissori. Putting two drops of Receptra Pet 16mg on a Cherio has turned out to be the perfect way to naturally calm Baby on the stressful eight-hour drive. "Those few drops of CBD made the ride so much easier for her and everyone else in the car. Driving with any pet can be stressful, but that made a huge difference," said Bryanna.

Togo and Dufus

These two youthful pups (6 and 4 years old respectively) are bundles of nerves when it comes to storms, fireworks, or visits from anyone who is not in "the pack." Their owner, Receptra Chief Operations Officer and Legal Counsel, Rob Fogler uses Receptra Pet to help them keep calm. According to Rob, "Togo is our family's self-appointed head of security and he is super proud that there have been no casualties on his watch. At least not on our side. Doofus's personality matches his name perfectly.


Sadly, at the age of 11, Weagle recently passed. He was an avid user of Receptra Naturals and was susceptible to seizures. Weagle belonged to Receptra Director of Operations, Michael Whaley. "Weagle also made me an avid consumer of relax and relief products, which helped me keep up with him. He enjoyed playing fetch and chewing on his tennis ball. Then he would purposely push the tennis ball under my dresser, bed or anywhere to make me get up and retrieve it for him."

Killer and Bob

Killer and Bob are the feisty felines that belong to Receptra Account Manager, Mary Cay. In a hilarious misadventure, Mary Cay tried to give Killer Receptra Pet . . . "I tried, but he bit me so I just dropped it on the fly. I no longer have a fly problem." Bob, whose name is an acronym for "Boy Oh Boy," is much more agreeable about his Pet CBD.


At the age of 11, Coco the chocolate lab gets a little achy especially when the cool weather starts to set in. That's why she takes Receptra Pet twice a day. She belongs to Receptra CEO, Tom Gonnella and his family. "We gave our boys the dog as a Christmas gift in 2009 and they thought she looked like hot chocolate, hence the name.


Harley is a 4-month-old cockatiel who is full of energy and lives with Receptra Chief Marketing Officer, Shane Vaughan though Harley tends to spend more time with Shane's 11-year-old daughter. "Every kid wants their own pet. She asked for a mini-pig, but settled for a bird." Harley takes Receptra pet on those extra noisy days.


At only 3 months old, Puck has been an adorable addition to the family for Receptra Director of Sales, David Brown and his wife. "Puck was our honeymoon gift to ourselves this year!" said David. Puck takes Receptra Pet to help keep his immune system strong while he is growing.

Biscuits and Gravy

Receptra Affiliate Manager, Krista Arendsen lives with these two adorable adolescent age felines. Biscuit, who can be a little needy and high strung, uses Receptra Pet to chill out when they aren't busy socializing. "They once made friends with a woodchuck!" said Krista.

Obi and Thatcher

Obi the golden doodle is the 6-year-old companion of Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Operations, Miranda Markel. Thatcher is one of his close buddies who is a few years older. Obi takes Receptra Pet 25mg when he goes into any potentially stressful situations, and shares with Thatcher who takes it daily for age-related joint pain. Thatcher's parents report a HUGE improvement in his mobility and temperament. "While Obi loves having his humans quarantined during COVID, he misses visiting the Receptra office where he was always greeted with belly rubs and treats," said Miranda.


Receptra Wholesale Customer Account Manager, Ryan McLean knew from the first day he met Carl that he wanted to share a long, happy and healthy life with him. That's why he uses Receptra Pet 16mg as a natural option to help 4-month-old Carl with training and to promote general wellness. "He's been a very calm, sweet dog that will hopefully have healthy hips and joints for years to come," said Ryan.


The Receptra family really does love their doodles. Cooper is a young one with plenty of energy and a voice that he believes was meant to be heard. "Cooper just has a lot to tell everyone," said Receptra Chief Revenue Officer, Josh Richman. "And to help with that, Receptra Pet is great for calming him down when things get far too exciting.

Why we give our pets CBD:

Receptra Naturals CBD for Pets is a human-grade formulation using MCT oil for optimal bioavailability. Receptra carries two tinctures with the same formulation in different strengths for larger and smaller animals. CBD for pets can be administered directly or mixed in food or treats.

-Promotes active mobility

-Reduces pain and discomfort from age or injury

-Serves as a neuroprotectant

-May keep your pet calm in scary situations

-Can promote focus