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Tax Season Stress Relief - Beyond the Extension

Tax Season Stress Relief - Beyond the Extension

Dec 08, 2021

If weeks of digging through your financial documents in preparation for filing your taxes hasn’t stressed you out, you probably haven't started yet . . . luckily you get an extension this year! But May 17 could sneak up pretty quickly.

Taxes can be stressful, but Receptra CBD can help you put the “fun” back in reFUNd. Here are four ways CBD can help this tax season.

Increased Focus

Sometimes it is hard to get motivated to do what you need to do in order to gather all that information and get it organized. Distractions are everywhere. There is a common misconception that cannabis causes lethargy. CBD actually interacts with some of the same receptors as caffeine. This can translate to energy and focus without having to consume four cups of coffee. Adding CBD to coffee can also be a good idea. Get up and take on the day . . . and the taxes!

Decrease Discomfort

Sitting in front of your computer or standing over your file cabinet is not always comfortable. Antioxidant properties in Receptra CBD oil have the ability to decrease inflammation-causing free radicals in the body.  Inflammation can be the result of injury, overuse of muscles or even sitting in less than ideal positions. Taking CBD oil can help you stay comfortable during tax season stress. Well, as close to comfortable as taxes can be. 

Better Sleep

Information learned during the waking hours is set to memory during the sleeping ones. When the body shuts down the brain has the opportunity to process all of the information it has received throughout the day. You may just wake up remembering where you put that receipt you have been searching for!

Sleep deprivation can have an assortment of negative effects on both physical and mental health, and the stress of taxes is enough to keep many people lying awake at night.  Taking a larger serving of CBD in the evening has been correlated with better sleep, homeostasis, and sleep quality.

Brain Health

CBD has been patented by the U.S. government as a neuroprotectant and antioxidant. Antioxidants have the ability to combat free radicals all over the body, including those in the brain which may reduce oxidative stress and slow the progression of several factors in the aging process.  

Neuroprotection is the act of salvaging, recovering or regenerating the nervous system and its cells. Protecting your brain cells can be crucial for cognitive function and cognitive function is important for calculating deductions!

CBD for Tax Season Stress

After you have pushed "send" on your online taxes or exchanged that final handshake with your accountant, Receptra CBD can still be there to celebrate with you. CBD can provide a way to optimize your health, wellness and organizational skills long past April 15th!