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Surviving College with Kids

Surviving College with Kids

Sep 06, 2021

In today’s job market, higher education can be important for career advancement and even crucial for some industries.

It takes a special kind of person to find the right balance between being a parent and being a student. Surviving college with kids in the home takes dedication, focus, organization and a lot of heart. 

Setting Expectations

Life is going to change when you enroll in college as a parent. Don’t try and pretend it is not. The best course of action is to be open about expectations. You cannot do it alone. Whether you are a single parent or have a caring spouse to support you, communicating your goals to your children is important. 

You may not be able to attend every soccer game or go to the park after school. Being open in the beginning about limitations may avoid a lot of hurt little feelings when you say no. Expectations also include chores that they may need to do to help you find time to study. The more they feel like they are a part of your journey, the more likely they are to want to help you succeed, regardless of their age. 

Dedicated Family Time

Children require a lot of attention and you probably won’t have as much as you use to now that you are in school. Make sure that you set aside time to spend with each child, even if it is only a few minutes after dinner to interact and hear about their day. They still need to feel important. 

Setting some time aside once a week for a family bonding activity like hiking, crafts, playing a game or cooking a meal together could mean a lot to a child. You don’t have to dedicate a whole day. Set boundaries for your time and abide by them. Consistency is important.

Find Your Study Spot

Depending on the age of your child or children and your class schedule, having a consistent quiet time at home could really help you survive college with kids and help keep them on track as well. If that is just not reasonable in the home, you may want to consider finding a nearby coffee shop where you can get away to focus on your work. 

Take Time for Yourself

College is stressful. Kids are stressful. Going to college with kids is a whole different level of stress. Find time that you can dedicate to yourself and recharge. This could mean just reading a book (not a textbook) by yourself, watching a movie, meditating, working out or taking part in whatever hobby you enjoy most. 

After class and coping with kids, finding that restful place may be difficult. CBD may help you to chill and focus naturally when you need it most, both during downtime and study time. 

Surviving College with Kids 

As you go through this season of college with kids it is important to frequently reflect on your end goal. Whether that is a specific career or better opportunity for your family, this should be the driving force behind your efforts. Though your kids may not understand it right now, know that you are inspiring them with your journey and we wish you the best in your endeavors!