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Soothing Stressed Skin with CBD Body Oil

Soothing Stressed Skin with CBD Body Oil

May 03, 2021

5 Ways Stress can affect your skin and how CBD Body Oil and other natural options can help.

As if the day to day stresses of life weren’t enough, the added pressures of working from home, homeschooling, financial worry, and more only add to crazy load you are already bearing. Stress can also affect the overall health and appearance of your skin. This could lead you to be more stressed out because on top of everything else, now you have to worry about why your skin is freaking out. Learn more about this vicious cycle and how to end it.

5 Ways stress affects your skin and what to do about it.

Increased Free Radicals

Stress can also lead to the increased production of oxidant molecules or "free radicals" on the skin. Free radicals can break down cells leading to wrinkles. Antioxidants are the number one solution to this problem. The most common methods of increasing antioxidants in the body are through diet and supplementation, but they can also be applied topically. Vibrant colored fruits and vegetables are first on the grocery store list for antioxidants. CBD was patented by the U.S. Government as an antioxidant over 20 years ago.

Dry Skin from Stress

When the body is mentally or physically stressed your fight or flight response kicks in. This results in a spike in adrenaline and cortisol (more on cortisol soon). An increase in adrenaline activates the eccrine (sweat) glands which can cause your skin to become dehydrated if not properly cared for. Staying hydrated by drinking water (not just coffee) can have a lot of benefits, as can using a quality moisturizer that goes deep into the tissue.

Stress Hormones Wreak Havoc

When you are stressed, your body releases cortisol which is a hormone that (like adrenaline) helps promote your fight or flight response. If left unchecked, cortisol can have a lot of negative impacts on both body and mind. Too much cortisol can weaken your immune system and cause flare-ups of existing skin conditions or be the catalyst for new ones. Taking time to de-stress each day through something you enjoy such as exercise or meditation can make a big difference in reducing your cortisol levels.

Nutrient Allotment

In times of stress, the skin is the last tissue to receive nutrients. Though it is the largest organ in the body, blood supply is first routed to immediately vital organs such as the heart, lungs, and brain. This can lead to changes in the appearance and health of your skin, especially impacting vibrancy and smoothness. Give your body the nutrients it needs during the tough times through proper diet and meaningful skincare.

Stress Hives and Stress Rashes

When your body has an allergic reaction it can release chemicals that make your skin swell, which can result in obvious and annoying itchy red bumps. When stress overloads the body, it sets off an immune response causing the body to release histamine. Both short and long term stress has been shown to cause this same reaction. Reducing stress is easier said than done. There are a number of natural techniques that can help calm the mind and reduce your worry.

Care for your skin with CBD Body Oil

Receptra’s Seriously Relax + Arnica Body Oil has been formulated with a blend of natural and organic ingredients that soothe tension and moisturize skin, promoting a healthy balance for body and mind. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors directly under the skin to provide nourishing benefits.

Body oils quickly absorb into the skin, providing moisture for an extended period of time without greasy residue. Applying after a shower or using as a massage oil are both great options to revive your stressed skin. As an added benefit, full-spectrum CBD body oil is naturally scented with soothing lavender and vanilla, contains arnica oil for tension relief, and moisturizes skin with a combination of Jojoba oil, Vitamin E and Camphor - perfect for everyday use or anytime relaxation is needed.