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Receptra’s CBD Gift Sets 

Receptra’s CBD Gift Sets 

Feb 13, 2022

Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about (yes, it’s ok to give to yourself), these new CBD gift sets are potentially the most thoughtful items you could purchase. Aside from the awesome products inside, these CBD gift sets also have sleek new packaging to really upgrade the experience.

As always, each individual product has an interactive QR code that links to third-party testing results. Dosing instructions are clearly displayed, and our customer service team is always excited to answer any questions or concerns. If CBD gifts are on your list for you or a friend, there are a lot of reasons to choose Receptra.

Total Wellness CBD Set

Total wellness starts with understanding what your body needs; A calm mind amidst daily stress, restful sleep that leaves your refreshed and optimal relief to keep you moving forward. Receptra’s Total Wellness CBD Gift Set is perfect for anyone who is new to CBD or anyone looking to experience the benefits associated with each of Receptra’s product lines. This set contains conveniently sized tinctures that allow you to experience the full benefits without the larger commitment of bigger product sizes.

Serious Rest + Chamomile tincture (0.5 oz)

Seriously Relax + Lavender tincture (0.5 oz)

Serious Relief 33 + Turmeric tincture (0.5 oz)

Pain Relief CBD Set

Receptra’s Pain Relief Set combines two of our best-selling products to naturally provide faster recovery and less discomfort. These products are designed to help you or a loved one maintain the active lifestyle you enjoy, naturally. The powerful combination of our Serious Relief 33 + turmeric tincture and Serious Relief Targeted Topical™ Stick can help to keep you moving forward; from the inside out and outside in.

Serious Relief Targeted Topical™ Stick (2oz)

Serious Relief 33 + Turmeric tincture (1oz)

Sound Asleep CBD Set

Sleep deprivation affects a large portion of the global population and can cause major health and safety issues if it is allowed to persist. Receptra’s Serious Rest CBD formula was designed to interact with your endocannabinoid system to restore balance and promote a normal sleep / wake cycle. Receptra Rest CBD products for sleep are thoughtfully formulated with added botanicals to support serious sleep. This CBD set also includes a natual fiber sleep mask to help you fall asleep and stay asleep with less distractions.

Serious Rest + Chamomile tincture (1oz)

Serious Rest + Chamomile capsules (30ct)

Soft Natural Fiber Sleep Mask

Rest and Relax CBD Set

Life is about balance. Those who are always on the go need CBD that can keep up. Receptra’s CBD Gift Set for Rest and Relaxation set contains our Serious Rest + Chamomile tincture for a better night’s sleep and convenient Seriously Relax capsules for less stressful and more focused days. This set is a great option for that person who needs a little help unwinding and finding a calm space throughout the day or night.

Serious Rest + Chamomile tincture (1oz)

Seriously Relax Gel Capsules (30ct)