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Receptra Naturals Partners with Boarding for Breast Cancer

Receptra Naturals Partners with Boarding for Breast Cancer

Oct 02, 2019

Receptra has partnered with Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) to support the overall mission of the organization and optimize the health of its members. B4BC is a non-profit foundation that advocates early detection and a healthy, active, and sustainable lifestyle as the best means for breast cancer prevention. B4BC empowers young people of all genders to make positive choices that promote lifelong wellness through outreach, prevention, sustainability, and support programs.

“Boarding for Breast Cancer values being able to partner with health-driven companies like Receptra Naturals. They produce reliable CBD products which is important to our members who are very conscious of what they put in their bodies.” - Megan Pischke with B4BC.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October has been celebrated as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” since its designation in 1985. The observance was originally established as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries. Over the 30 + years since its inception, Breast Cancer Awareness Month has become a well-established celebration for survivors and a recognizable reminder of the condition.

“Our survivorship community is continually growing and it is truly powerful to make meaningful connections and share what they are going through,” said Lisa Hudson with B4BC.

Boarding for Breast Cancer operates at full steam all year round, hosting events all across the nation involving snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, surfing and other active outings for breast cancer survivors.

Receptra Naturals Partnership with Boarding for Breast Cancer

Receptra Naturals shares B4BC's passion for health through active lifestyles. The action sports the many Boarding for Breast Cancer members partake in have a propensity for resulting in bumps and bruises as well as sore muscles. Receptra supports members with high-quality CBD products intended to help keep active people performing at their highest level.

“Partnership, like we have with Receptra Naturals, are very important to the organization. Their support and alignment with our values are what allow us to do what we do,” said Lisa.

Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the Receptra Products You Love

Through the entire month of October, in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Receptra will be donating 20% of all proceeds from our Boarding for Breast Cancer CBD bundle to the organization. This bundle contains some of our best selling products along with a custom B4BC/Receptra bag.

The products included in Receptra's Boarding for Breast Cancer October Bundle were carefully chosen to support active lifestyles. The Receptra Elite CBD formulation includes turmeric to assist with inflammation reduction. Targeted Topical has a large concentration of cannabinoids as well as arnica and camphor for acute topical relief after a long active day. Receptra CBD lip balm with zinc oxide protects lips from the harsh sun while keeping them moisturized. These are products that B4BC members have come to trust and enjoy.

B4BC Believes in:

• The power of education to inspire + impact positive and sustainable lifestyle changes
• The long-term benefits of healthy, active and sustainable pursuits for individuals + communities as a whole
• Supporting young women + those affected by breast cancer
• Strength in unity + building, connecting and supporting communities
• Ultimately celebrating life at every turn, both on and off a board!

Learn more about Boarding for Breast Cancer and how you can support their mission! Click HERE