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Parents and Pain Relief

Parents and Pain Relief

Jan 09, 2022

As working parents struggle, moms and dads are turning to alternatives for pain relief.

A 2020 survey found 65% of respondents experienced pain related to parenting, and nearly half are suffering on a daily to weekly basis. Parents with kids 2-5 years old are most likely to experience pain, and parents with 2 or more children are 47% more likely to experience daily pain compared to parents with 1 child.

How Prevalent is Pain for Parents?

Busy parents balancing work, childcare, home school, and life in a pandemic are discovering they have minimal time for self care and need a natural pain relief option. According to a 2021 report from SingleCare, 64% of CBD buyers use CBD for the purpose of pain management. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that 20.4% of adults have chronic pain and 7.4% of adults have chronic pain that limits life or work activities.

Causes and Types of Pain for Parents

The top cause of pain for parents of children up to 5 years old is lifting and carrying equipment such as strollers and car seats. As children get older, the number one cause of pain is from activities like playing with their kids.

The most common types of pain for parents includes:

  • - Back pain,
  • - Headaches, and
  • - Neck pain.

A parent's pain can impact the entire family. A 2012 pain study examined 3,227 teenagers whose parents had chronic pain. Researchers found that if both parents experienced chronic pain, girls were particularly at risk for anxiety and depression compared to girls whose parents were pain free. Some of the toughest parents choose to just work through pain without truely addressing it, but there are ways to live comfortably and bring your best self every day.

Natural Pain Relief Option

Natural options for pain management are growing increasingly popular as research continues to emerge supporting the anecdotal results experienced by many. Receptra Naturals has combined the natural benefits of organic turmeric and ginger with 33 milligrams of full spectrum hemp CBD to help with pain management, physical recovery, and stress. Convenient natural alternatives like CBD gummies may help working parents ease the strain of daily discomfort. Receptra CBD Gummies for Pain were formulated for even the hardest days.

  • - Contains the added benefits of organic turmeric to promote comfort and mobility.
  • - Great Ginger Peach flavor
  • - Beta-Caryophyllene is one of over 100 naturally occurring cannabinoids
  • - Purposely dosed at 33mg of Full Spectrum CBD per gummy to reduce pain
  • - Convenient for use any time of the day

Receptra's Serious Relief product line also contains tinctures for pain and topical CBD for pain. You need relief that can keep up.

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