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Parenting Tips for a Smooth Transition Back to School

Parenting Tips for a Smooth Transition Back to School

Aug 19, 2020

Whether you are the parent who is sad to see your little ones head out the door back to the classroom or the one that can’t wait to wave goodbye as school bus turns the corner, going back to school does require some planning. After a few months of freedom, it is time to get back to a manageable routine. Here are some great tips on how to make that transition smooth. 

Visit the School

If your child is attending a new school this year, there is a good chance they are a little anxious about it. Change can be intimidating for anyone. Many schools allow people to walk on campus during summer break. It is worth taking a little cruise through the halls to make sure your child feels comfortable in their new school. 

Kids Personal Planning Tool 

Depending on the age and personality of the child it can be very difficult to keep your kids organized. Make it fun by allowing them to choose a planner that works for them. For younger kids, this could be a whiteboard calendar they can draw on. Older students may choose a scheduling app for their phone or computer, or you can go with the old-fashioned notebook planner (don't forget the stickers).

Set Sleep Schedules in Advance

When it comes to bedtime in the summer, often anything goes. Sleepovers, campouts, late dinners, and activities can all lead to erratic sleep schedules. This isn’t such a big deal when you kids can stay in their PJ’s until noon (or at least until it is time to go swimming), but that doesn’t work during the rest of the year. It is important to get your kids (and yourself) back on a normal sleep schedule

Back into Study Mode

This one is pretty kid-specific, but depending on their age encouraging reading is a good way to get back in school mode. A great way to do this is to set aside a specific amount of time for reading each day as you approach going back to school. This may mean substituting out some screen time. If your child is not of reading age, be sure to read to them. If they are reading, encourage them to read out loud to you. 

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Be Prepared for Sad Pets

This tip certainly depends on the pet and the amount of time they will be spending alone. A pet who feels abandoned is likely to react poorly to being left by themselves. For dogs, this could mean endless barking or howling (driving the neighbors crazy) or destruction of all your pillows. Cats tend to pee on things when upset. Try integrating CBD for pets into their morning meal to take the edge off and keep them even-keel while they wait for the kids to return. 

Take Time for Yourself

Kid activity schedules can quickly become overwhelming. Between school, sports, homework and whatever else your child may be involved in, it is important to set aside time for yourself. Don’t feel bad about it. You will be a better parent if you are able to center with your own activity. This could mean anything from daily meditation to yoga, team sports or just a night for you and your friends or significant other. CBD can also help take the edge off during the transition. 

Schedule is Key for Back to School Success

It is easy to see that one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when sending the kids back to school is the schedule. The earlier you can plan, the better. Make sure to communicate the changes with your child so they feel like they are a part of the process and not just being told what to do.