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National Healthy Aging Month (for all ages)

National Healthy Aging Month (for all ages)

Feb 22, 2022

September is National Healthy Aging Month.

This month is dedicated to empowering older adults by promoting the positive features of aging (not that we're saying you are old. You're not). During Healthy Aging Month we are raising awareness about forming healthy aging habits and understanding that age is just a number. You’ve certainly heard that phrase, but do you believe it? Here are some reasons that you should.

At Age 64, Diana Nyad Swam from Florida to Cuba

On her fifth attempt and at age 64, Diana Nyad became the first person confirmed to swim from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage. The journey was a 110 miles long trek through shark and jellyfish infested waters. It took her 53 hours straight and she accomplished this without ever touching a boat for support.

William Ivy Baldwin Tightrope Walks Across a Canyon at 82

There are number of accomplishments that most of us couldn’t have achieved even in our 20s. This is one of them. In celebration of his 82nd birthday on July 31, 1948, tightrope walker William Ivy Baldwin did his last walk over a canyon in Eldorado Springs in Colorado. This was his 88th walk across the canyon.

“Satchel” Paige Became the Oldest Major League Baseball Player at Age 59

Denied entry to the Major Leagues, he began his professional baseball career in the Negro Leagues in 1926 and became its most famous showman. Paige finally broke through to the Majors as a 42-year-old rookie, and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1971. He pitched three scoreless innings for the Kansas City Athletics in 1965.

Mike Flynt Plays College Football at 59

At the age of 59 Mike Flynt returned to Sul Ross State University to play his senior year of college football in 2007. In doing that, he became the oldest college linebacker in NCAA history and gave new meaning to the phrase "college senior.

Oscar Swahn Becomes an Olympic Silver Medalist at 72

At the age of 72, Swahn became the oldest person to compete in the Summer Olympics. He helped his team achieve victory with fourth place in the single shot running deer event, and a second place in the double shot running deer contest. Winning the silver medal, he became the oldest Olympic medalist of all time.

Julia Child Began Her Famous PBS Cooking Show at 51

You really are never too old to do something new. At age 50, when Julia Child was promoting her book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” on a public TV station her own television career was launched. Dozens of viewers wrote to the TV station, wanting to see more of Child. The station produced three pilots, and then launched into production of “The French Chef.” The show debuted nationally in February 1963, aired through July 1966, and is still remembered today.

National Healthy Aging Month

The number is to just keep track of how many pieces of cake you have eaten and to use a reference for the music and television shows you grew up on. Aside from that, age is truly just a number. We hope to help you be inspired to keep doing the things you love to do at any age.