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MCT Oil for Natural Flea Prevention

MCT Oil for Natural Flea Prevention

Nov 21, 2021

“Fleas are fun!” said no one ever. If you have ever been bitten by a flea, you understand how irritating and distracting that terrible itch can be. Imagine how your dog must feel when he or she becomes a snack for multiples of these teeny-tiny blood-sucking insects!

Harmful Chemical Flea Prevention

There are numerous ways to treat and prevent fleas. Unfortunately, many methods involve synthetic chemicals that can be harmful to your pet. Commercial flea prevention often comes in the form of collars, sprays, powders, shampoos and “spot on” treatments. The most common chemicals in these products include fipronil, imidacloprid and pyrethroids. Over the last ten to fifteen years, thousands of pet deaths in the U.S. have been attributed to chemical flea prevention. Countless other illnesses and hospitalizations share the same origin. Flea prevention is important to the health of your pet. There must be a better way, right?

MCT Oil for Natural Flea Prevention

Sometimes the best way is the most simple. Lauric acid is one of the primary fatty acids found in coconut oil and its derivative, MCT oil. It is healthy for both humans and dogs, but toxic to fleas. When MCT oil is ingested or applied topically, it serves as a great way to get rid of that pesky external parasite. This natural flea prevention is also great for skin, coat and digestive health and is commonly recommended by veterinarians to assist in coping with dry skin.

Receptra Naturals CBD Natural Flea Prevention MCT Oil Coconut

Receptra Pet CBD with MCT Oil

Using MCT oil daily can help deter fleas as part of a natural flea prevention routine without the use of harsh chemicals. The only ingredient in Receptra Pet CBD oil, aside from the CBD cannabinoid is MCT oil, which is a carrier oil that helps increase the bioavailability of CBD. Receptra Pet CBD allows you to couple all of the great benefits of CBD with a natural flea prevention. It is easy to administer orally directly in the mouth, mixed in with food, or added to a homemade dog treat.

Taking Care of the Current Problem

If you have a current flea infestation it is important to understand that you should first clear out all of the existing fleas before you can successfully control the flea population. It is recommended to bathe your pet with a natural shampoo and topically apply coconut oil or MCT oil. Both coconut oil and MCT oil contain lauric acid and can be applied topically. If your dog licks the oil in an excessive amount it could cause loose stool. This is true for over-consumption of any oil and also true for humans. Otherwise, consumption of MCT or coconut oil is perfectly healthy. It is best to do the bathing outside so fleas do not hop onto your carpet.

Receptra Naturals CBD Natural Flea Prevention

Maintain Your Pet's Overall Health with Receptra Pet CBD Oil

Speaking of carpet, it is necessary to vacuum your entire house if you have a flea problem in the home. There is no real way to get out of doing a thorough cleaning. Once you are fairly certain that you have gotten rid of the existing problem, using Receptra Pet CBD oil once or twice a day should help maintain the less-itchy status quo while providing all of the great benefits CBD is known for!

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