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Maximizing Benefits of CBD in Daily Life

Maximizing Benefits of CBD in Daily Life

Nov 18, 2021

Isn’t it amazing how the little things in life can have some amazingly big effects? Take Nathan for example. He’s a hard-working guy, who does his best to make the most of every day. Maximizing benefits of CBD is a small detail that helps Nathan achieve big results.

A Day in the Life of Nathan

Rise and Shine

Nathan wakes up every morning to the sound of the alarm on his phone. It plays “Beast” by Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard. He hits snooze just once and pops out of bed nine minutes later. Nathan brushes his teeth and puts two pieces of bread in the toaster. The good kind, with the seeds and whole grains in it. The pot of coffee is heating. In the meantime, Nathan changes out of his p.j.s and combs his hair.

He covers the toast with peanut butter and tops it with banana slices. Coffee goes down and it is almost time to face the day. Just before slipping on his shoes, Nathan places a dropper full of Receptra CBD oil under his tongue and holds it there as he laces up and heads out the door. That little boost helps Nathan feel balanced and optimistic as he starts the workday.

Focused and Ready

Nathan works at a desk job as a graphic designer. He has a lot of projects going on at once and has to stay organized. There are constant deadlines to meet and people to please. It is easy to get frustrated and distracted, but Nathan is aware of his limitations.

His boss has an old Yorkshire terrier that he brings to the office every day. His name is Gary and he is a great little guy but has severe joint issues. Over the last several months it has become routine for Gary to come sit next to Nathan and wait for both a treat and a dropper of Receptra Pet CBD oil specifically for dogs. Gary zips around the office much better these days.

Feeding the Body

To preserve some of his sanity, Nathan makes sure to take his lunch break as close to on time as possible. There is a gym right around the corner from the office and he is able to walk there with little trouble. It’s leg day and it’s going to be a killer! knowing he will be sore tomorrow, Nathan jumps in full force on the squat rack. After he has showered off the sweat of a hard workout, Nathan applies CBD infused body butter to keep his skin healthy after using harsh soap to combat gym funk. He then mixes his protein shake. Nothing fancy, just orange juice, greens, vanilla protein powder and two droppers of Receptra CBD oil. The protein will help his muscles recover, while the greens and OJ supply important nutrients. Maximizing the benefits of CBD oil will help speed up the recovery process and get him re-focused for the rest of his day.

Energy to Spare

Once seated back at his desk, the creative juices start to flow and Nathan is able to dive back into the projects for the day—even the ones that needed heavy editing to meet the new look his clients were going for. Colors are poppin' off the pages. Though he does spend a good 10 minutes just staring at the screen trying to get the nose just right on a cartoon bear selling toilet paper, he stays motivated and makes progress.

His back is a little sore from yesterday's workout, so Nathan takes a moment to apply some topical CBD. He uses a generous amount on his lower back and rubs it in well to maximize benefits of CBD where he needs it most.

Date Night

Nathan and his girlfriend Sally haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together recently. She has been out of town visiting family and was swamped with work when she got back. They are going to a nice Italian place downtown. Nathan changed into a fancy blazer and smells much better now than he did at the gym. He is heading to pick her up, but first takes a dropper full of Receptra CBD oil. This should help with any digestive issues from that heavy pasta and keep things exciting later in the evening, maximizing benefits of CBD.

Sleeping Soundly

What a long day for Nathan. He’s too tired to head back to his place so he is going to crash at Sally’s. The problem is that her bed is just not comfortable. Sleep is not optional, so Nathan reaches for his Receptra CBD oil one more time and takes a few droppers under the tongue for a more restful night.

Sally, on the other hand, also finds her own bed uncomfortable. She has been meaning to get a new one, but just hasn’t made it a priority. She tosses and turns throughout the night.

Maximizing Benefits of CBD

Nathan finds ways to incorporate the use of Receptra CBD oil throughout his entire day. Not only has he made it a stable part of his routine, he has also shared some of those benefits with Gary the dog. With Sally's difficulty sleeping, Nathan is planning to share Receptra CBD oil with her.

Find out next time if Nathan's plan to introduce Sally to Receptra CBD oil is successful.