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Lucy Learns to Live Life a Little Louder

Lucy Learns to Live Life a Little Louder

Jan 13, 2022

Change can be hard, and though old dogs can learn new tricks, that doesn’t mean that it’s not difficult.

Lucy is an 11-year-old golden retriever mix with a soft temperament and healthy fear of loud noises, including those caused by celebratory fireworks.

Lucy spent most of her life as the sole living companion of an older gentleman. When he passed away, Lucy needed to find a loving home to spend the rest of her senior years. She joined the King family after a decade of becoming set in her ways. This new family consists of a single father and two little girls (8 and 12 years old) with plenty of energy and a busy schedule.

Lucy Adjusts to Her New Home

There were plenty of obstacles to overcome in the beginning. A new home. A new family. A new schedule. And even some new rules. There were restless nights and days of cleaning up the messes that Lucy had made. With a lot of love and patience, over time, Lucy began to adjust to her new life, but she and her family refuse to take all the credit.

“Lucy obviously had some separation anxiety issues when she first joined are family. There were so many changes and so many new things for our family and for her. One of the things that helped most with relieving some of her restlessness was CBD for dogs,” said her owner, Eddie King. “We started giving her 25mg of Receptra Pet CBD for dogs in her food at night, and that was when she first began sleeping all the way through. After a week or two of consistency, we were able to just use as needed, although I think it also helps with her old joints.”

Over the first few months, the girls got the hang of integrating Lucy’s needs into their normal routine. She went out for walks, played fetch with a tennis ball, got fed at consistent times, and learned the joys of just snuggling up close together.

CBD for pets

CBD for Dogs: Fireworks and Loud Noises

Despite the progress Lucy had made in her new life, loud noises were a constant problem. Whether it was thunder or a loud car backfire, Lucy was less than happy. In her most scared moments, she would urinate on the floor, which was certainly otherwise out of character.

“New Year’s Eve and The Fourth of July are holidays that involve fireworks where we live, but Lucy already chewed up one kennel when she first moved in,” said Eddie. “I knew she was capable of doing it again and I didn’t want her to harm herself or stress the girls out during Fourth of July celebrations. Those fireworks were bound to be even worse for her.”

How to Help Dogs with Firework Fear

The King family knew that the holiday had the potential to be really stressful for Lucy that first year. In preparation for the evening events, they decided to put some serious planning into making sure she felt safe. First, they gave Lucy a double dose of Receptra CBD for pets, to help take the edge off. Then they turned on the television to provide some white noise. The girls found some extra blankets to put in Lucy’s kennel and made sure it was extra secure.

“Within 40 minutes of giving Lucy CBD for dogs, she was resting calmly in her kennel. She was fairly normal and responsive, but just a little more tired. Using CBD for dogs for fireworks was a great idea and really made all the difference. The girls and I were able to enjoy the celebration without worrying about Lucy and how she would respond,” said Eddie. “And as a bonus, I didn’t come close to setting the house on fire that year.”

How CBD for Dogs Has Helped Lucy

The King family swears by CBD for dogs to help provide a calm focus during scary situations. Lucy receives Receptra CBD for dogs almost daily, though some days do get busy and she misses a day or two.

“We always make sure to give her Receptra Pet CBD for dogs on the days where she and the girls have been outside playing for long periods of time. I know that if they are tired, Lucy probably is too,” said Eddie. “The girls take gummy vitamins every morning and they understand that CBD for dogs is like a vitamin for Lucy, so she can feel better and be able to keep up with them.”

CBD works with Lucy’s natural endocannabinoid system to restore balance in the body. This includes reducing inflammation, relieving stress, and helping to promote brain health. Lucy weighs about 40 pounds and has been using Receptra Pet 25mg CBD for dogs. She is also excited to try CBD dog treats. Peanut butter and bacon are two of her favorite foods.