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Is CBD Addictive?

Is CBD Addictive?

Jun 20, 2020

Organic CBD oil powers professional Mixed Martial Artist Youssef Zalal through all stages of his training.

Featherweight mixed martial artist, Youssef Zalal is no stranger to intense training regimens. In just five short years, Zalal went from having zero fighting experience, to having a 5-0 professional record. If you get to spend any time with Youssef, aka “The Moroccan Devil”, you'll realize he is the product of hard work. And let's not forget his support team at Factory X Muay Thai, led by Marc Montoya.

Pro Debut

Zalal made his professional debut in August, 2017 at Sparta Combat League 61. His exciting style showed through in his performance. Zalal moved in and out for three rounds, tormenting his opponent. Halfway through the final round, Zalal submitted his opponent with a D'arce choke.

Less than 1 month later, Zalal was back in the octagon for his second professional fight. With just 2 hours' notice to prepare for the fight, The Moroccan Devil faced his biggest challenge yet. This time at Legacy Fighting Alliance 22, Zalal decided to speed things up a bit. He defeated his opponent via a second round TKO. Just as quickly as Zalal's second MMA fight began, it ended—Zalal emerged 2-0.


For his most recent fight, Zalal kept things consistent. Accepting the MMA bout just 2 weeks before fight night, Zalal set out to impress us again. For his third professional fight, Youssef faced off against 7-2 pro fighter Clay Wimer at Mile High MMAyhem. After a hard-fought first round, Zalal submitted Wimer with a standing guillotine in the second round. It is important to note that the more experienced Wimer had never been submitted to this point.

Since Youssef “The Moroccan Devil” Zalal will probably be fighting again in a few weeks (at his normal rate), we won't speculate too much. But his dedication and enthusiasm about mixed martial arts is paying dividends in his professional career. The future seems bright for this Moroccan fighter.

Organic CBD Oil

Zalal's success goes beyond his training routine, he is also tuned in to the science behind his performance. When battling muscle and joint pain from training, Youssef turns to Receptra Naturals. Youssef's go-to product for muscle pain and joint pain, is Receptra Targeted Topical.

CBD and MMA are two acronyms that are being paired more frequently—and for good reason. Organic CBD oil like Receptra Naturals is perfect for attacking muscle pain and joint pain. But why?

Organic CBD oil is the ideal CBD MMA pairing. Organic CBD oil is a naturally occurring antioxidant. Antioxidants are the agents in our bodies that destroy free radicals. Free radicals cause inflammation. Inflammation can cause pain. If you choose a topical approach to fighting the pain caused by free radicals, try Targeted Topical. But if you are looking for a daily preventative approach to defeating pain caused by free radicals, try pure CBD oil.

Organic CBD Oil for Injury


If you are recovering from an injury or are averse to painkillers, listen up.

You may have come across the Bas Rutten addiction story. If not, check it out. His story of overcoming an addiction to painkillers is nothing short of inspirational. His story began with an injury, that led to an addiction to OxyContin. If you are recovering from an injury, pay close attention to his story, and try to avoid the mistakes Bas Rutten made.

Additionally, CBD has shown an ability to help speed recovery processes. It assists in restoring blood flow. In the case of a wound or surgery, CBD helps to send blood to the site of the injury/wound and can encourage speedy and proper healing.

Receptra Naturals cannot wait to see what's next in Youssef “The Moroccan Devil” Zala's career.

Visit us to keep up with his career and the latest from Receptra MMA.