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Interview with Colorado Police Officer Kayla Martinez: The Effects of COVID19

Interview with Colorado Police Officer Kayla Martinez: The Effects of COVID19

Jul 21, 2020

Receptra Naturals Speaks to a Colorado Police Officer about the effects of COVID19

Frontline workers fighting the battle of keeping us safe during the COVID-19 outbreak are taking it all in their stride, despite changing working conditions and added stress. Interviews focused on three main areas of life during a pandemic:

  1. How has the COVID19 pandemic impacted your daily life/work life?
  2. What are you doing to manage your stress level?
  3. Do you have any suggestions for the rest of us?

Officer Kayla Marinez

Lakewood, Colorado Police Department

“As a police officer, I’m fortunate enough to have job security during these uncertain times. Although I’m still working, my ‘normal’ activities at work have changed. It is important to limit contact to avoid exposure. As such, we are not enforcing certain violations that do not pose any danger to the public. Masks, safety glasses, and gloves are required on every call for service that requires an officer to show up in person.

Being in close contact with people is a routine part of the job, but we are doing everything we can to limit the amount of contact. This means taking phone reports more often or having citizens file police reports online.

As for my personal routine, things are as normal as they can be given the pandemic. I’m still managing to stay active and have resorted to Facetiming whenever I want to see a friend. Other than that, it’s relatively normal.

I typically manage my stress by working out. With the pandemic, gyms have now been closed for weeks. I am continuing to stay active regardless, which keeps me sane. I run daily outside, do bodyweight workouts, and make sure I’m getting enough rest.

There’s constantly new news about the toll the pandemic has taken on the world. I believe it’s important to be aware of the situation, but not to let it eat at me. I focus on the fact that I have the ability to help people and make a difference during this time.

As everyone’s said, stay inside! However, I believe sanity is necessary- which means you can’t stay cooped up in your home forever (especially when your kids or spouse are driving you crazy). Adhere to social distancing, but get outside and move. Remember that these times are not permanent.”

*This blog is not meant as an endorsement of CBD or Receptra by any parties organizations mentioned.