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Hydrate. Breathe. Repeat. - Wellness Tips

Hydrate. Breathe. Repeat. - Wellness Tips

Feb 11, 2022

"Life is simple - Do more of what you enjoy. Just be sure to take care of your body. - Jonathan Roberts, Evolve United

Jonathan Roberts is a certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. He is also the co-founder founder of Evolve United, a company that provides fitness and wellness opportunities to businesses and community residences.

“Hydrate, breathe, repeat” is advice that would have been more effective and efficient than most of the graduation commencement speeches we sat through before going out to face the world. I’ve been facing this issue myself. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like we all could breathe a little more. Water breaks don’t sound half bad either!

Many commencement speeches do have a common theme. They convey that “every day is an opportunity.” Well, how we can make the most of each opportunity? We do it by being intentional in the first hour after waking. Here are three different tips that, when combined, will transform how you live each day.

1. Hydrate with More Taste and Simplicity

A good rule of thumb is to drink your weight in pounds multiplied by .66. For me, that’s 180 lbs x .66 which equals roughly 120 oz. To make that easy, aim to drink two 64-ounce bottles of water a day. It feels simple to tell myself “drink 2 of these.” To make that even easier, my first 64-ounce bottle of the day is mixed with a can of coconut water. Feel free to pick any brand, but read the ingredient label. Try to avoid sugar. You may want to apply those extra calories to something you enjoy more than sugar water.

2. Breathe Habitually

Remember those psychology classes we took in high school and college? Sympathetic and parasympathetic are two keywords that should ring a bell, and if not, that's ok. Sympathetic was “fight or flight” on our study flashcards, while parasympathetic was “rest and relax.” These require balance to maintain mood and focus.

Give yourself 10 minutes in the morning to intentionally breathe and sit with whatever thoughts are floating in your head. Combine breathing with a morning walk to kickstart your circadian (sleep/wake) rhythm. I get bored easily, so I mix this up with a morning yoga habit. Two yoga classes, two morning walks, and Friday morning “me time” at the gym make for a great week.

3. Repeat Intentionally

Routines are great for consistency, but can damper creativity. I love my coconut water in the morning and dislike muscle tension, so those two habits are easy to maintain. That still leaves some room for growth though. Hugh Jackman mentioned a morning routine of his in a podcast episode and one part specifically spoke to me. Since then, my calendar has a repeat morning appointment every day titled “Have 1 thing to look forward to today.” This one habit on repeat has helped add joy to each day and I believe it’s an easy action step for anyone to apply in the pursuit of living each day intentionally.

Life is simple- do more of what you enjoy. Just be sure to take care of your body. It’s your ship as you sail through this wild sea. Best wishes to you as you find which tips work for you!