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How to be a Better Friend - Friendship Day 2021

How to be a Better Friend - Friendship Day 2021

Jul 29, 2021

For a lot of people, friendship has looked a little different over the course of the last two years.

After months of virtual happy hours and birthday parties, we are still wondering when it is ok to hug again. In the current landscape, where many are feeling isolated, friendship may be really more important than ever.

How to be a better friend

Here are some ways that you can be a better friend. This is for always. Happy Friendship Day.

Reconnect in a meaningful way

In-person conversations are not always an option. Schedule a video call and don’t be distracted. One of the biggest problems that come with not being physically present, is not being mentally or emotionally present either. Friendship, like any other relationship, needs attention to flourish. Stop checking your email, pause Netflix and go reconnect.

Offer more than advice

Words are great but action is better. Not that just being there to listen isn’t important. Take a moment to put yourself in your friend’s shoes and figure out what it is that would make things a little easier for them. We are all going through something. Literally, every one of us. Ask how you can help your friend and then actually do it, whether it is moving the couch, editing an essay, or attending a doctor’s appointment. It could mean a lot.

Send a Surprise

Do people still use the mail? Write letters? Send cards? Yes, they do. How cool would it be if you went to the mailbox right now and there was a card or gift from a friend and you weren’t expecting it? It doesn’t take a lot of money to put a smile on someone’s face with paper, an envelope, and a stamp. If you want to be a little extra, check out Amazon, Etsy, or send your friend some Receptra CBD to make their day.

Be Reliable

Don’t be that person that agrees to go to dinner and then flakes out in the last minute. Not doing what you say you are going to do impacts other people. This extends beyond dinner plans and pretty much into all aspect of life. Being dependable is an honorable trait to have. It’s so great to have that one friend you can call at almost any time and you know they will pick up or text you back. Be that friend.

Celebrate together

It is easy to find someone to feel bad for you or to share in your misery. A true friend is one you call when something goes well because you know that person will truly be happy for you and not jealous or critical. Celebrating together is a mark of true friendship.