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How much CBD Should I Take? 

How much CBD Should I Take? 

Sep 20, 2021

Find Your Optimal CBD Dose

You have heard about all the amazing benefits of CBD. You’ve done your homework and asked all the right questions. The last piece of info you need is how much CBD to take. Well, transparency is a huge part of our culture at Receptra, so we want to make sure we are clear. The appropriate serving size for CBD hemp oil in any form differs for every person, just like the correct amount of salt on your french fries.

Factors such as size, metabolism, and desired result are keys to finding the correct amount specific to your body and answering the question of "How much CBD oil should I take?" We have put countless hours into formulating tinctures with easy-to-use concentrations that take the headache out of this question.

CBD Formulated for Effectiveness

The Receptra Naturals Research and Development team is comprised of highly-skilled chemists and researchers who won’t take “maybe” for an answer. We are here to solve a problem and don’t appreciate guesswork anymore than you do. Because of our tireless efforts on the farm, in the laboratory and buried in research, we present to you, what we believe are the most effective single dropper serving sizes for your specific needs:

Serious Rest + Chamomile 25mg (to help you get to bed)

Serious Relax + Lavender 25mg (to take the edge off life’s stressors)

Serious Relax Capsules 25mg (for use any time of day or night)

Serious Relief + Turmeric 33mg (for moderate discomfort)

Serious Relief + Turmeric 66mg (for more intense discomfort)

Why Choose CBD Hemp Oil Over Other Forms of CBD?

Oil (also commonly referred to as tincture, drops or extract) is arguably the easiest and most effective method of administration for CBD. Unlike edibles, vaping or smoking CBD, hemp oil bypasses two systems in the body that can lessen the desired effects: the pulmonary system and the digestive system.

Along with science and sustainability nerds, we are kind of anatomy nerds too, so here you go: The liver is part of the digestive system and this organ is extremely effective at diluting compounds that pass through it. Anything taken orally will pass through the liver and be broken down, thus becoming less available for the body to use.

CBD hemp oil that is taken sublingually (under the tongue) is routed directly into the bloodstream. This allows for more rapid and effective use of the entire serving of CBD.

CBD tincture is not always convenient, which is why we also carry capsules in our product line. They do pass through the aforementioned digestive system but are developed with bioavailability in mind, providing a great on-the-go option for CBD.

Titrate up (Start Low and Go Slow)

Despite the fact that Receptra Naturals CBD tinctures are formulated with an optimal CBD dose for most people, they are still easily adjustable to achieve your preferred amount. For those new to CBD, it is always best to start lower, rather than higher in order to evaluate how your body responds.

You may choose to start with only 1/2 a dropper of your chosen tincture and work up from there. In the case of capsules, 25mg is typically an ideal dose, though an additional capsule may be taken if desired.

It can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes on average to feel the effects of the oil when administered sublingually (under the tongue). Again, this is just an average. It can take longer or shorter depending on your body.

What is Different about Receptra’s CBD Oil?

We are committed to solving problems. Yours, and ours . . . which is how we came to be. Our carefully-formulated CBD hemp extracts are made with the highest quality, hand-shucked hemp (we did that ourselves too) from our family-owned farm.

The extract is then blended with all-natural and organic ingredients to enhance the effectiveness of the product to help you bring your best self, depending on your needs.

Our three product lines: Rest, Relax, Relief, and Pet all have different ingredient blends. If you have any trouble choosing the best product for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. They are more than happy to help!