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Holding It Together with CBD 

Holding It Together with CBD 

Jan 18, 2022

“The Cannabis Hemp Plant is amazing. It has too many amazing benefits for it to be here for any other reason than to help mankind.” - Marley Colt

Marley Colt has been an athlete in high-adrenaline sports her entire life. From snowboarding to dirt biking and downhill mountain biking, she has repeatedly pushed her body to the limits. Of course, injuries ensued and at the age of 22, after multiple injuries and countless doctor’s visits, she found herself heavily medicated for stress and sleep. She now serves as a cannabis coach and touts the benefits of hemp CBD and other cannabis products.

Holding It Together with CBD

“I was first introduced to CBD Oil about 4 years ago. I initially started taking CBD Oil (from a local vendor) for stress relief during frantic days. At that time, I was a Medical Assistant and was helping to room 20 patients per day for our physician’s. I would get panicked and nervous if we ran behind and I’d let patients rush me,” said Marley.

“I also have a history of sports injuries, including broken femur, 3 shoulder surgeries, and 2 elbow surgeries. I struggle daily with chronic pain, but never let it hold me back from all the actives this world has to offer. I knew the benefits of medical cannabis and CBD oil for pain, so I was also open to trying options for anti-inflammation, as well as, stress relief.”

Not All CBD is Created Equal

Sadly, not all CBD is created equal. It is important to choose CBD brands that have third-party testing in order to ensure the product actually contains the amount of hemp extract that it lists.

“I first tried Receptra Natural CBD Oil 2 years ago and noticed an immediate difference from previous brands I had tried. My expectations were met and then some! After taking Receptra CBD Oil during the workday, I noticed a difference in my ability to focus and remain relaxed, but still alert. I am still able to communicate with my providers and patients, while not overreacting and panicking.”

Marly is no longer competing as athlete but refuses to sit still for long. Whether she is biking, paddle boarding or roller skating, she finds relief with CBD gummies and topical salve.

“Receptra Naturals Targeted Topical CBD has blown my mind. I have been using this consistently the last year and it’s life changing. I use this on my shoulders and elbows regularly, but will also use it on my knees and feet during snowboard season.”

Making CBD Part of the Routine

Marley has a deep understanding of how cannabis works and she has learned to adjust the products she uses according to what she has happening that day.

“If it’s a weekday where I am going into manage the physicians office I will typically take the CBD Relax to help with focus and alertness during the day,” said Marley. “I switch between the CBD rest gummies and the CBD rest oil 4-5x per week as needed for sleeping. When I use the CBD rest created by receptor naturals I do feel as though I sleep deeper and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.