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Great Plants and Even Better People

Great Plants and Even Better People

Jan 07, 2020

Receptra is built on a desire to deliver truth - CBD products that really work, products that are all-natural, plant-based, include organic ingredients, and a focus on quality and transparency.

Rusty Scott, who was and is our original founder and catalyst, knew bringing the vision of Receptra to reality would take great plants and even better people.

“A big component of Rusty’s hiring process was to determine, I think, if you believed in those ideas of hemp helping people. That’s something I tried to emulate in the people I brought on the team and helped lead.” - F Poff early hire at Receptra

F Poff (yes, his first name is actually “F”) is one of the original founders of Receptra Naturals. Having some knowledge of the cannabis world, the marketing world and technological expertise made F the right choice for the job, but it is his passion for people that has made the most impact on the company. Having a group of people with common interests and a common goal is a great starting point for a business, but it takes more than that to form a true team. F’s leadership and compassion have helped inspire the customer and people-first culture that is ingrained in Receptra’s core mission.

“From adversity, heroes are born.” – Steve Gleason

Like all Receptra Naturals team members, F has been an avid CBD user, relying on the products to help ease the normal aches and stresses of life. In 2018 those concerns began to become more prominent and F was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Despite this unforeseen obstacle, F has continued to inspire the Receptra team and we hope that some of his sunny disposition will rub off on you, our customers, as well.

F is an avid horseman and polo player. ALS has not allowed him to participate in horse riding activities, so when he wanted to get back up and sit in the saddle, we wanted to be there to capture that moment. We would like to share it with you too in this short video.

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The hemp industry as we know it was not built overnight, although it may seem that way from the outside. In reality, like any transformative business, it began with a handful of inspired and confident people who were willing to take a chance. Real people, with real lives, real trials and real motivation. Receptra Naturals fits that model and continues to push forward under the inspired minds of those passionate about natural wellness solutions.