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Easy At Home Workout Ideas for Everyone

Easy At Home Workout Ideas for Everyone

May 31, 2020

Easy At Home Workout Additions That You Can Do In Your Kitchen (or wherever, really!)

Times are hard and getting motivated to workout without a coach is sometimes even harder. Not sure where to start? There are a number of fitness boot camps, gyms and personal trainers broadcasting free Instagram Live and Facebook videos for youtube to turn into (we are too), but sometimes you just want to do your own thing.

At Home Workouts for All Levels

Here are some easy traditional exercises that you can integrate into any at-home workout you may be doing. They require little or no equipment, so you can go ahead and leave that excuse someplace non-essential. Go at your own pace, but don’t forget to push yourself. If you have little ones at home, have them jump in!

Abs (Core)

Anywhere there is a carpet, rug or yoga mat is an appropriate place for a core workout. No equipment needed. A strong core is not just for looks. It is important to maintain core strength and stability for many of life’s daily tasks such as carrying groceries, picking up a child (human or four-legged) and even getting out of bed, not to mention athletic performance. Determine your time or number of crunches and then just pick your poison:

  • Traditional crunches - Feet planted, knees straight up, arms crossed in front or behind head.
  • Russian Twists - Feet and back off the ground, both hands touch one side, then the other, twisting the core.
  • Crunches with legs crossed - Legs criss cross applesauce, arms crossed in front, pluse up.
  • Bicycle Twists - Legs up with shins parallel to floor, knees 90 degrees, hands behind head. Opposite elbow to opposite knee while other leg straightens like peddling a bicycle.
  • V-Ups - Body flat with arms and legs extended in opposite directions, bring both arms and legs straight up to the sky with body folding in the middle.
  • Side Crunches - Lay on side, stack legs on top of each other, bring heels towards butt, top arm reaches toward heels for crunch.
  • Flutter and Scissor Kicks - Lay flat with hands under butt, head off the ground, flutter and/or scissor legs no more than six inches off the ground.


Push up are another move with many variations, most of which involve the position of your hands. Upper body strength is important. Remember to keep your butt down but don’t sag. Keep your head up, which will help flatten out your back. If you are super tough and want a challenge, put something heavy on your back (may need help with that) and do weighted push ups. Go for time or number of push ups:

  • Standard hands under shoulders push ups
  • Hands out Out Wide
  • Hands together in a Diamond Shape under chest
  • Staggered with hands diagonal - one hand out in from and one back
  • Clap Push Ups (make sure there is a soft-ish surface under you in case you miss)


There are countless squat variations with or without equipment. Assuming you are doing these with no equipment, there are still plenty of options that will keep you powerful and moving forward. Power starts from the ground up. Don’t be afraid of leg day. Remember to keep your back straight and don’t hinge at the waist or you are going to be sore in a bad way (although we have Targted Topical™ for that!) Go for number of squats or for time:

  • Standard squats - feet hip-width or a little farther apart, drop butt even with knees (lower or higher as your body permits)
  • Split squats jumping lunges - one leg in front, one in back
  • Squats in a boxing stance with one foot in front of the other, about hip distance apart (be sure to switch stances too)
  • Jump squats for distance or in place - try for a soft landing with plenty of bend in your knees
  • Squat rotations – Stay in one spot and bring your opposite elbow to the opposite knee as you squat.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a great way to warm up your whole body and get a bit of a sweat going. If you don’t have a rope, pretend like you do. No one is watching and you are less likely to accidentally hit the toaster off the counter. If you are new to jumping rope, start slow with a certain amount of successful jumps as a goal. If you are a pro, set a timer and continue for a certain period of time, switching techniques every so many jumps. Jumping rope is a great workout for cardio and coordination. Here are some optional techniques:

  • High Knees
  • Butt kickers
  • Forward and Back
  • Side to Side
  • Single legs
  • Speed

At Home Workout When you Need It

These easy moves can be integrated into your at home workout no matter what it is. They could also be the full workout. No one is judging. Not only is it important to your health that you don’t put on the COVID 20lbs (Come on now. We know you’ve heard that one already, but it’s still funny!) The strength of your immune system is also tied to your activity level as well as your level of stress and the amount of meaningful sleep you are getting to allow your body to heal.

CBD for Workout Recovery

Physical irritation is extremely common for anyone getting a decent workout. In order for muscles to grow, they must be used to the point that micro tears are created. When these tears heal, muscles get stronger. Though this is a normal process, it is easy to overdo it. And even if exercise is not overdone, it can still be uncomfortable. It is normal to want to minimize that discomfort.

CBD for workout recovery such as Receptra Naturals Targeted Topical can work with endocannabinoid receptors directly under the skin to help relief pain from sore mucles and joints. Inflammation reduction is another component of CBD for workout recovery, given the anitoxidant properties of CBD.

"It is important to stay active even when you are limited on resources and space. Keep moving, whatever your activity level. I and many of my teammates use Receptra Naturals Serious Relief products to help with recovery in between training sessions, which helps us to stay in the ring or cage physically, while helping with the mental stress of being punched in the face . . . along with the other stressful parts of life." - Bryanna Fissori, Professional Boxer/MMA Fighter and Coach