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Coping with Summer Storm Phobia in Dogs

Coping with Summer Storm Phobia in Dogs

Dec 02, 2021

Natural Ways of Coping with Summer Storm Phobia in Dogs

It can be hard to watch your dog stress out during summer storms. Even the best-behaved dogs have been known to lose their minds when the storm rolls in.

Train for Calmness During Storms

You can train your dog to do all kinds of fun tricks. Conventiently, you can also teach them to remain calm during certain situations. Consistency is crucial. Pet behaviorists often recommend using a special collar on your dog while they are inside. The collar doesn’t actually have to have anything special about it or do anything at all, but should be a signal for your pet to behave a certain way. A good place to start is placing the collar on your pet and having them sit quietly at your feet.

CBD Oil for Dogs

There are numerous prescription medications that your veterinarian could suggest to keep your dog calm or sedated during a storm. CBD oil is a natural option to promote a sense of balance during a stressful situation. CBD has been deemed safe for pets and humans by the World Health Organization. The full-spectrum of cannabinoids in Receptra Pet CBD oil interact with your dog’s natural endocannabinoid system to incite various positive responses which may include a sense of calmness.  

Giving Receptra Pet to is something you should do each day. If you anticipate a storm rolling in, you may consider giving your pet an extra dose at some point during the day or night for additional calmness. Something as simple as giving your pet a treat with CBD could distract it from the thunderstorms and refocus it on a more enjoyable activity.

Provide a Safe Space for Your Pet

Your pet may feel safer in a smaller area where they feel less exposed to the storm. Allow your pet access to his or her favorite hiding spot but do not close them in. Your dog will often choose a place such as a kennel, closet, corner, or under a bed. As long as their space is safe and not overly invasive for owners it is a good idea to let them choose where they are most comfortable. Cats may do the same, but often fit in smaller spaces that are harder for you to get to. And that may be ok.

Reduce Static Electricity on Your Pet

Just add water. Keeping a bit of moisture in your pet’s coat will help to reduce static build up. Using a spray bottle with water or just wetting a comb and running it through your dog’s hair may be helpful. Do not drench them. Your pet will rarely respond well to being soaked. Keep your pet off of carpeted surfaces as much as possible when a storm is scheduled to roll in.

Check the Weather

With you and your pet both calm and collected, you can relax and really appreciate a good summer storm in all its splendor. Don't forget to check the weather. No one wants to be surprised, and it is best if you can plan ahead to keep your pet level-headed.