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CBD Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2021 

CBD Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2021 

Feb 04, 2022

Give the gift of serious rest, relaxation and relief with these CBD Mother's Day gift ideas!

Motherhood is hard, and over the last, it has been even more difficult for many moms. So many adjustments, from homeschooling, to new working situations, masks, routines and much, much more Mom deserves the best. Don’t wait until the last minute to get her something she really wants.

Seriously Relax Lavender Vanilla Body Oil + Arnica

Pamper mom this year with the stress relieving benefits of Seriously Relax CBD Body Oil. Formulated with the moisturizing benefits Jojoba oil, Vitamin E and Camphor and muscle soothing benefits of CBD and arnica - perfect for everyday use or anytime relaxation is needed.

Serious Relief 33 Gummies + Turmeric

Parenting can be not only be mentally stressful, it can also be physically stressful. Receptra’s Ginger Peach Serious Relief 33 Gummies + Turmeric are a convenient and delicious way to relieve the physical discomfort from everyday life.

Rest and Relax CBD Set

Life is about balance. With a mom that is always on the go, she needs CBD that can keep up. Receptra’s CBD for Rest and Relaxation set contains Serious Rest + Chamomile tincture for a better night’s sleep and convenient Seriously Relax capsules for less stressful and more focused days.

Serious Wellness CBD Set

There is nothing more important than mom’s wellness. Total wellness starts with understanding what the body needs; A calm mind amidst daily stress, restful sleep that leaves mom refreshed and optimal relief to keep her moving forward. Receptra’s Total Wellness CBD Set has everything mom is looking for.

Serious Relief Targeted Topical Stick + Arnica

The aches of everyday life can hold mom back. Whether she works a physical job, spends time picking the kids or grandkids up and down, or just spends hours in the garden, Receptra’s Serious Relief + Arnica CBD hemp Targeted topical™ Stick is a convenient way to give mom the topical relief she needs.