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Benefits of Having the Proper Recovery Tools in Place

Benefits of Having the Proper Recovery Tools in Place

Jan 17, 2022

“I am not fearful of pushing myself harder, because I know I have the tools in place to feel better afterwards.” - Tracy Altman

Tracy Altman is an avid CBD user who lives a very active lifestyle. She is a dog owner, a Phish fan, and a professional in the cannabis industry.

As someone who works out daily, Tracy was finding that her aches and pains from workout and from just living normal life, were starting to become limitations. Sore hips and back would leave her uncomfortable and inhibit her ability to push herself during workouts, sit comforatbly at a desk for work, or dance as hard at concerts.

Finding Relief with CBD

“I started taking CBD regularly about 3 years ago. I tried several CBD brands and felt nothing. Then I tried Receptra and all of a sudden realized that CBD can in fact work. I began taking it for sore muscles after doing HIIT style workouts and skiing and it made a huge difference in my recovery,” said Tracy, “I was no longer taking anti-inflammatory over the counter medications and only using CBD, foam rolling and stretching as recovery. I'm so thankful to be using natural products like CBD in my recovery now.”

Tracy also experiences a better night’s sleep when she uses CBD before bed. Sleep is crucial for physical recovery and mental focus.

“I began taking CBD for sore muscles, but soon realized it was helping me sleep better at night. I am someone who gets up 3-4 times a night, and this decreased over time after starting CBD regularly.”

Daily Routine to Optimize Recovery

She fits CBD into her routine almost daily for sleep and physical recovery. Tracy has a one-year-old labradoodle named Nellie Kane who finds relief from stressful and anxious situations with the calming benefits of pet CBD. She’s not a big fan of mom being away, and CBD helps take the edge off.

As a professional in the cannabis industry, Tracy has an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to produce high-quality CBD and what type of things to look for before purchasing.

“I want to know that the product is third-party tested. That's the most important thing. I also want to know about the company- where is it based, do they have their own oil, etc. I love that Receptra makes it clear on their website and social media where their product comes from, that the company's employees help in the process from start to finish, and they are transparent about testing on every single product.”