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Becoming Mindful: Using Meditation and CBD to Relax

Becoming Mindful: Using Meditation and CBD to Relax

Mar 30, 2022

Learn How to Meditate Correctly: Your mediation & mindfulness practice is only a breath or two away!

In a world that is largely digitally dependent, it is often difficult to disconnect from all of the noise. It is increasingly harder to meaningfully connect with the real world around us in between texts, emails, and comments. Mindfulness is the act of being present in the moment.

Are you present right now or are you already thinking about the next thing on your plate? Are you distracted by drama or still stewing over what happened yesterday? The combination of meditation and CBD may be what you need to center and focus in the now on your journey to becoming mindful.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness seem easy enough. Sit down. Shut up. And breathe. Unfortunately, it is rarely as simple as that. The mind has a propensity for wandering that has only increased for those immersed in today’s digital lifestyle. Oh wait, did you just get a message on Facebook? You better go check that. We'll wait. . .

Mindfulness is as simple as thinking about what is happening right this very second and nothing else, but distractions are everywhere. Controlled conscious awareness of one's thoughts without judgment is the ultimate goal. Being present in the moment is an important practice to increase personal awareness, improve relationships and appreciate the tangible world in which we live. Literally, stop to smell the roses. Did you even notice there were roses right there?!

Meditation is essentially a method of practicing mindfulness. Many people with active lifestyles are accustom to physical exercise, which translates to various benefits during the rest of life such as carrying groceries and children, job success and athletic performance. How often do you exercise your brain for mental health benefits? Learning to calm and focus the mind is the ultimate goal of meditation. If this can be achieved in a controlled environment such as meditation, it may carry over to the rest of your busy life.

Benefits of Meditation

There are countless studies on the effects of meditation, both short and long-term. Here are a few of the most commonly recorded results of meditation:

Do a few of those results sound familiar? There is a reason that CBD oil and meditation make a great combination on the journey to becoming mindful

CBD and Meditation

Even if you don’t consider yourself an anxious person, being able to clear your mind and accept your thoughts as they come can prove difficult. If you want to put that to the test, take a full two minutes (go ahead and get your timer ready) and during those two minutes, think about nothing but your breath…..Aaaaannnnddd GO!

Well, how did that work out?

Controlling your thoughts is often easier said than done. Sometimes we need an extra push to quiet the mind. CBD oil users commonly report a sense of calm focus after a serving of CBD. This is attributed to CBD interacting with the natural endocannabinoid system in the body to restore a state of balance (homeostasis). Using CBD oil to complement your meditation practice could jump-start the experience by helping you do the really hard part, which is relaxing and focusing.

Taking Receptra CBD oil 45 minutes to an hour prior to meditation can be your key to finally being able to sit still for more than five minutes without worrying about all the things you need to get done. Another common hang-up for people trying to meditate is the physical discomfort that can come with sitting in the same position for a prolonged period of time.

CBD has been patented as an antioxidant by the U.S. Government. One of the biggest benefits of antioxidants is their ability to destroy inflammation-causing free radicals. When left unchecked, inflammation can be the source of a lot of negative things such as physical discomfort, bodily stresses and a plethora of related wellness concerns. Less inflammation means fewer distractions.

Learn How to Meditate at Home: How to Meditate for Beginners

This is going to sound easy but go in knowing that it is normal if you struggle a little. Take baby steps Learning how to meditate correctly has a lot to do with just being comfortable in chaos.

  • - Take your Receptra CBD oil sublingually 45 to 60 minutes prior to meditation (optional but recommended).
  • - Find a comfortable place where you can be left alone for the duration of your meditation.
  • - Turn off distractions such as the TV or radio. Light sounds of nature are appropriate. If you have kids or roommates at home, ask them to give you a few minutes of privacy.
  • - Find a comfortable chair or pillow to sit on. Do not sit on a couch or similarly cushioned seat. These will cause you to lean into their backs which provides less than ideal airflow. It is not recommended to lay down because it is very easy to fall asleep. Mediation for sleep is also a good idea, but make sure that is what you are going for if you are laying down to meditate.
  • - If sitting on a pillow or cushion, it may be comfortable to cross your ankles. If seated, placing the feet on the floor is often ideal. The key is to find a position that is comfortable and evenly balanced (one leg over the top of the other is not balanced).
  • - Set a timer. How long to meditate is up to you. If this is your first mediation, it is recommended that you start small. Five minutes would be fine.
  • - Place your hands on the tops of your legs or in a comfortable, even position, facing up or down.
  • - Find a place to stare with a soft gaze. Sit up straight and breathe normally.
  • - Start to breathe deeper, in and out through your nose. Close your eyes.
  • - Focus on the breathing by counting the length of your breath, evening out the rhythm. Some people chose to visualize the breath flowing through the body, or a leaf falling. This keeps you from focusing on your wandering thoughts.

You may acknowledge your thoughts as they pass through, but do not dwell on them. Having thoughts is normal, but choosing to focus on them is optional. Let them go, at least for the length of the meditation. This part is where the challenges arise. Distractions are easy to come by. One second you are just breathing and in the next, you have an entire shopping list planned with all the groceries you need for the next week and a half!

CBD has the ability to set you up for meditation success by helping the body to balance mentally and physically, minimizing distractions and promoting focus. It is certainly not a cure-all, but taking the edge off could certainly help. Receptra Naturals Seriously Relax + lavender tincture also has the added benefits of all-natural botanicals like passionflower and linalool.

Becoming Mindful

The journey to becoming mindful is not a quick process, but very much worth the fresh perspective and other great benefits. Meditation is a great way to train yourself to be mindful. CBD can assist in making the mediation experience much more rewarding. Here is a list of free online mediation resources that may help you get started.