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Award Winning Receptra CBD Reviews 2022 - Serious Relief

Award Winning Receptra CBD Reviews 2022 - Serious Relief

Jan 23, 2022

We could all use some relief these days. Thankfully Receptra Serious Relief comes in many forms and each of our offerings is receiving accolades and winning awards across the web. Check out these recent Receptra CBD reviews and awards. You may just find something you love.

Best CBD for Pain Relief - Serious Relief Product Line Awards

Receptra's Serious Relief product line is designed to combat life's little aches and pains. Whether you are dealing with soreness from injuries or activities, we have tinctures, topicals, and gummies to help. Read some of our CBD reviews to learn more about how people are finding relief with Receptra.

Let’s celebrate these top ranking products for the month of May with 20% off our entire line of Relief for your body, mind, and soul.

Serious Relief + Turmeric CBD Tinctures

The 2022 Men's Health CBD Awards - Best for Pain Relief - Serious Relief + Turmeric CBD Tincture

"This CBD tincture mixes with Omega-3s that could support with faster muscle recovery and pain management." - Men's Health

CBD Thinker Best for Pain - Top 10 Best CBD Oils of 2022 - Serious Relief + Turmeric Tincture 33mg/dose

"The serious relief tincture from Receptra Naturals is our top pick for pain and inflammation relief. What makes it so effective is the addition of turmeric, a popular anti-inflammatory herbal ingredient that may help with arthritis and other inflammatory issues." - CBD Thinker

Health Canal Best CBD For IBS 2021 - Best Formula - Serious Relief + Turmeric 0% THC Tincture 33mg/dose

"Early research suggests that turmeric’s main active ingredient curcumin may help relieve the symptoms of IBS, making it an excellent addition to CBD.

On top of that, Receptra’s CBD oil contains full-spectrum hemp extract providing the full range of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds that boost the effects of CBD." - Health Canal

Receptra Naturals Serious RELIEF Hydrating Hemp Body Butter + Manuka Honey

Us Weekly Top 10 Best Skincare Products for Your Plant-Based Routine - Best for Dry, Irritated Skin – Receptra Naturals Serious RELIEF Hydrating Hemp Body Butter + Manuka Honey

Receptra Naturals went above and beyond with their hemp body butter, focusing on long-term healing properties instead of just short-term relief. Yes, you’ll get the needed pain relief you’re looking for, but you’ll also benefit from the butter’s ability to:

  • Minimize scars resulting from irritated and dry skin
  • Reduce tension in your skin
  • Hydrate extremely dry skin" - US Weekly


"My favorite is Receptra Naturals Body Butter. Not only does it feel incredibly luxurious the added CBD and manuka honey both help to keep your skin feeling moisturized longer but helps to ease my achiness from my joints & muscles. Especially my hands" -Shelby

Chicago Mag Best CBD Cream 2022 – 10 Most Reliable, Fast Acting & All Natural CBD Topicals - Receptra Naturals – Great Support

"This body butter is formulated to soothe your skin and help restore and revitalize you with the benefits of full-spectrum hemp CBD and Manuka honey." - Chicago Mag

Receptra Naturals Targeted Topical + Arnica

Receptra’s specially formulated Targeted Topical has been awarded Best CBD Topical by the knowledgeable experts at the CBD Insider for 2 years in a row!

The CBD Insider Best CBD Topical of 2021: Receptra Targeted Topical

The CBD Insider Best CBD Topicals of 2020 - Best Overall - Receptra Naturals Targeted Topical

"Where many topical products in the CBD space suffer from puny CBD and/or supporting cannabinoid concentrations, Receptra’s targeted topical excels, and with a wealth of wellness-affirming ingredients to boot." - The CBD Insider

Medical News Today Best CBD foot balm for pain relief: Receptra CBD Serious Relief + Arnica Balm

"The ingredients include arnica and jojoba to help reduce inflammation and swelling. The balm is naturally scented, and the company made it using a cold ethanol extraction process to extract a broader range of compounds." - Medical News Today

Tacoma Daily 10 Best CBD Creams: Top-Rated CBD Balm & Salve Products Reviewed - Receptra Naturals CBD Topicals

Courier Hearald Best CBD Creams, Balms and Salves to Buy for Topical Pain Relief - Receptra Naturals CBD Topicals

Serious Relief 33 Peach Ginger Gummies + Turmeric

US CBD Boxes 11 Best CBD Gummies of 2022 – Top Reviews for Easy Relief

#10: Receptra Naturals: CBD Gummies – Added Benefits

"Absolutely love these CBD chews. Im active daily (biking, walking, running) and definitely notice a difference when I incorporate these after my workouts. Highly reccommend! " - US CBD Boxes

The CBD Insider Comprehensive CBD Gummy Review: Receptra Serious Relief Gummies

"In general, workout recovery has been one of the hardest benefits to detect and measure for us when reviewing CBD products, but these Receptra Serious Relief for Recovery gummies made it easy.

Particularly, knee and ankle pain after several consecutive days of running workouts were noticeably reduced. We also noticed less general soreness and stiffness when waking up the morning after more intense workout sessions. The greater the soreness we experienced, the greater the benefit was; we didn’t notice strong effects while taking these on non-workout days." - The CBD Insider

Best CBD Finder: Serious Relief CBD Gummy Review

"I’m impressed by how well the Receptra Naturals Serious Relief CBD Gummies worked for me. There was a noticeable change in how the sore muscles felt after taking the gummy and being able to move around without feeling twinges of “Ouch” definitely made life easier." - Best CBD Finder

Check out the real Receptra CBD reviews on each individual product page to learn more about the products you are interested, or give our friendly customer representatives a call!