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8 Tips for Going to School Online

8 Tips for Going to School Online

Aug 22, 2020

Tips for going to school online at any age.

Going to school online may seem like a dream come true to some, but it takes a lot of work to be successful, even if you are still in your pajamas. Here are some tips for going to school online that will apply to all ages and grade levels from little ones to adults.

1. Treat School Like a Job

Your parents probably gave you this advice back in the day. And it is true. Regardless of whether you are pursuing your doctorate or entering the second grade, school has to be a priority and ultimately a means to an end, just like a job. If you don’t go to work you don’t get paid.

2. Time Management

The same basic principles apply to online school as in-person. You should go to bed a reasonable hour and have your day arranged in time allotments so you stay on schedule; breakfast, dress, school, break, school, study, or whatever it may be. Having a consistent back-to-school routine is especially important for families with children who rely on consistency to know what is happening during the day. Schedules often provide a sense of security.

3. Have a Quiet Space

Distractions don’t have to be big to pull you off task. It could be a noisy neighbor, the television, or an argumentative sibling. All of these distractions have the ability to raise your cortisol level and disrupt your focus. Find a quiet place where you can keep distractions to a minimum while going to school online.

4. Limit Social Media

Though generally social media applies to order children and adults, Tik-tok seems to be an all age trend and even Facebook messenger has a component just for kids so that they can communicate to a controlled group. Turning off notifications is a good place to start, followed up with a commitment to minimize social media when you should be in class or studying.

5. Take Breaks

Not in the middle of a live classroom lecture. Take breaks between classes or during study sessions. You cannot be expected to sit in the same exact spot for hours and still maintain focus and comfort. This is especially true for young kids who are full of energy and adults who are going to end up with really bad sitting posture. Let your brain rest where it is appropriate to do so.

6. Stay Hydrated

Does that seem like a random tip for going to school online? It is, but it is also valid. Staying hydrated helps your body maintain homeostasis (balance) and function properly. It is easy to forget to drink water. So, fill up your water bottle before you start class and get in the habit of refining it every couple of hours.

7. Join a Study Group

Working in groups often becomes a lost art when you are going to school online. Study groups at any age can help with information retention. This can be a middle school group trying to learn their geography or a group of college students trying to understand organic chemistry. The social interaction is also an added bonus, even if it is also online.

8. Take Notes

It can be difficult to stay engaged without having the teacher there in-person. Taking notes is one way to force yourself to keep up with the conversation instead of drifting off to daydream. Notes can be handwritten or typed, as long as your fingers and brain are working together.