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3 Ways to Recover Faster from Pickleball 

3 Ways to Recover Faster from Pickleball 

Mar 08, 2022

Whether you are an avid pickleball player or a casual participant, pickleball is a game for anyone at any level.

Hardcore pickleballers are going to be sore. There is just no doubt. Though the court is a little smaller than a tennis court and you don’t have to sprint as often, there are plenty of reasons you could be hurting the next day. It is important to take steps to maximize your recovery so you can get back on the court.

Stay Hydrated

Sometimes you just float right from one game to the next without even taking a break. As long as your conditioning holds up, that should be fine. But whether you are playing indoor or outdoor pickleball, you need to stay hydrated. Bring your water bottle and maybe consider adding some electrolytes if you anticipate playing more than 30 or 40 minutes. Hydration helps regulate your blood pressure, temperature, and more.


No one wants to be the person who smells so much like menthol that it is hard to breathe. Muscles and joints are going to take a bit of a beating. Knees, shoulders, and wrists are common areas that experience pain from pickleball. Topical CBD for pickleball is a natural alternative that works with the endocannabinoid receptors directly under your skin to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Topical CBD for pickleball can be used anytime, which means you can feel good before, during, and after your game. You may also want to consider pairing your topical CBD with CBD relief gummies for pain or CBD tinture. Both work on inflammation from the inside out.


This one seems pretty basic, but hitting a few warm up balls is not the same as actually stretching, so don’t even go there. It is important not to stretch when your muscles are cold. Go ahead and do your warm up swings with a partner and then do some stretching before you actually play. I know you are excited to get in there, but your body will thank you. Don’t forget to integrate stretching into your cool down. It only takes a few extra minutes. You were going to spend those minutes hanging out and talking to people anyway. Just stretch while you do it.

Up Your Pickleball Game

You may think you are invincible because you are killing players 10 and 20 years younger than you, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to feel it. Taking care of your body is going to allow you to keep playing for decades to come. Hydrate, take CBD for pickleball, and stretch.

(Side note from writer – I am 36 years old nd got destroyed by an 87-year-old last week. I wish I was kidding.)