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Rise + Shine Bundle

MSRP: $119.98
(You save $20.00 )

Give the warming and healing gift of relief and with Receptra’s Rise + Shine Bundle! This gift is perfect for anyone in your life who deserves the benefits of natural relief.

This Receptra Relief Set includes a combination of products specially chosen to benefit the mind and body. Find optimal wellness with hemp extract for all day health and vitality.

  • Ginger Peach Serious Relief 33 Gummies + Turmeric
  • Serious Relief Targeted Topical Stick + Arnica
  • Rise + Shine Women’s Health Candle – Tropical Melon Scented

Ginger Peach Serious Relief 33 Gummies + Turmeric

Receptra Serious RELIEF 33 gummies with Turmeric are formulated to provide delicious, convenient pain relief for the day-to-day aches of life. Whether it is mental stress, monthly pain, or general discomfort, gummies for pain could make a big difference.

Serious Relief Targeted Topical Stick + Arnica

Sometimes everything hurts, or maybe its just feet, knees joints, or other sore spots. Receptra’s Serious Relief + Arnica Hemp Targeted Topical™ Stick is a convenient way to receive the topical relief we all can use. Apply to any topical aches, minor skin irritaions, or even cramps.

Rise + Shine Candle

Give your brain a break and relax with Receptra’s Rise + Shine Candle. This Tropical Melon scented candle is a great addition to any relaxation routine, morning or night. A big part of mental and physical health is unwinding mentally.