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Routines and Habits

Trying to build healthy habits is not always an easy process. This is because habits are not something that you do consciously. Obviously, when you are trying to get to that point, you must be focus…

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National Healthy Aging Month (for all ages)

September is National Healthy Aging Month. This month is dedicated to empowering older adults by promoting the positive features of aging (not that we're saying you are old. You're not). During Heal…

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Will Sleeping More Keep You from Getting Sick?

How to make your immune system stronger through better sleep When you are lacking sleep your body and mind seem to be operating slower. You don’t recover quickly from physical exertion, you don’t ma…

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Grown Up Back-to-School Supplies  

In all the hysteria of getting kids ready to go back to school, parents and adult caregivers often forget to prep themselves for the change. The backpacks, pencils, and calculators have been purchas…

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Receptra’s CBD Gift Sets 

Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about (yes, it’s ok to give to yourself), these new CBD gift sets are potentially the most thoughtful items you could pu…

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