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Introducing Receptra CBD Gummies for Sleep + CBN

The benefits of full-spectrum CBD and CBN coupled with mountain strawberry flavor and soft chewy goodness might make these CBD gummies for sleep the best part of your night. There is never enough ti…

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What is CBN and How is it Different from CBD? 

CBN may be one of the newest cannabinoid buzzwords on the block, but it has actually been floating around even longer than its more well-known family members, CBD and THC. CBN was the first naturall…

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Award Winning Receptra CBD Reviews 2022 - Serious Relief

We could all use some relief these days. Thankfully Receptra Serious Relief comes in many forms and each of our offerings is receiving accolades and winning awards across the web. Check out these rece…

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Mental Health During Difficult Times - Find a Routine to Help

Find the best routine for your mental health during Mental Health Awareness Month.Do you ever feel like it is impossible to get everything done? There just aren’t enough hours in the day and the weigh…

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Dogs and fireworks: How to calm your dog during fireworks

Is your dog scared of fireworks? Or maybe you have other pets that get nervous. Here are some tips that may help. Humans have a unique connection to fireworks. The light emitted by firewo…

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