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CBD Stocking Stuffer Gift Set

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It is the season of giving and whether you are getting a gift for yourself or a loved one, natural wellness is always a great idea. The team at Receptra has put together this stocking size CBD gift set that is perfect for your friend on the go, your hard-working companion, or your loved one who is new to the benefits of CBD and doesn’t want to commit.

Stocking Stuffers CBD Gift Set

This CBD gift set contains some of Receptra’s best sellers in size that fits your budget without skimping on the benefits.

Serious Rest CBD Gummies for Sleep + CBN (5 count)

Serious Relief CBD Gummies for Pain + Turmeric (5 count)

Serious Relief Targeted Topical + Arnica (200mg)

Achieving less pain and better sleep does not have to be complicated. In fact, it can even be delicious. These three products were chosen with the busy holiday season in mind.

Serious Rest CBD Gummies for Sleep + CBN (5 count)

Receptra mountain strawberry flavored CBD gummies for sleep + CBN are a great way to get the serious rest you deserve. Each gummy packs 25 mg of full spectrum CBD and an additional 3 mg of CBN, a natural cannabinoid known for its ability to help you achieve better rest. A single CBD gummy for sleep is the perfect bed time snack.

Serious Relief CBD Gummies for Pain + Turmeric (5 count)

On the rough days when your body feels overworked and you can’t get comfortable, these ginger peach CBD gummies for pain + turmeric can help take the edge off and help you find the natural relief you have been looking for. With one of the highest concentrations in the industry, each gummy has 33mg of full spectrum CBD and the added pain-relieving benefits of turmeric.

Serious Relief Targeted Topical + Arnica

When you need immediate relief for muscle and joint soreness, Receptra’s Targeted Topical is a great choice. CBD interacts with receptors directly under the skin to relief pain and irritation. This best-selling product has the added benefits of arnica, camphor, jojoba oil to keep you moving forward regardless of whatever this holiday season throws at you.

Give the gift of health and happiness this holiday season with Full Spectrum wellness you can trust.